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art & vtuber commission open

Posted 1 month, 11 days ago by calisto

 vtuber —【 】 

illustration —【


Adoptable Ensemble; now launching!

Posted 4 months, 18 days ago by calisto

Your new character is waiting for you to adopt them!


We are launching!

Adoptable Ensemble is a community created for people who share an interest in adoptables! AE creates a space for sellers to do their business and share their work. We even made things easy for buyers to check featured adoptables and get notified when new ones are available, streamlining this section of the adoptable community!

Adoptables created by our affiliated designers will be featured on our Twitter. Please refer to our link posted with the preview image if any characters catch your eye.

For more details, check out our Toyhouse. And don't hesitate to join our Discord if you have any further inquiries. We would love to have you!

Join the team!

  • Affiliated Designer positions are now open indefinitely
  • Moderator positions are limited and applications will be viewed once we have open spaces

You can send an application for both positions at any time!

Are you interested in applying to become an affiliated designer or a moderator? Check the requirements on our Toyhouse or Discord server.
We are excited to hear from you!

staff members



Staff: admin

Hello, I'm Cal. I like to draw, code, and play games. Currently living a student life. Pay for my lunch and we will be good friends.



Staff: organizer

Hi, I'm Hana! I like reading, coding, and playing games — mostly visual novels. Sleepy 24/7 because of school, but I'm still here if you need me. Let's get along!



Staff: socialite

Hello, I am Vehement! I draw, listen to music and spend most of my time watching horror movies! I obsess over something new every week; so stay tuned for the next fiasco!



Staff: helper

Heya~ Name's Sonne, game's... whatever the hell I get my hands on. Honestly, the amount of hobbies I have is astounding. Anyway... Nice to see ya lookin' at this!

big f for paypal im moving

Posted 4 months, 26 days ago by calisto

So PayPal is finally over for me

I have set my account as a  business account and they didn't accept that my business has the same address as my personal address, and they want my username Calnite to be on my bills which is of course impossible for me since I didn't establish a real business in my country. They freeze my balance too, I  can't pay or transfer to my bank, but of course, they take in money...  lol I'm so mad :)

I'm moving to stripe and see how it will turn out.

What's important for you

- I have connected Payhip and Ko-FI with stripe, but you still can pay for P2U codes and donate with PayPal
- I will have to see what I will do with the commission, I might use ko-fi as the middle man

🎭 Adoptable Ensemble [lf members]

Posted 8 months, 8 days ago by calisto

a group for adoptable seller and buyer

Adoptable Ensemble

beta adoptables premades seller buyer community market

Adoptable ensemble is a place made for all adoptable artists to share their adoptable as a group. Upon reaching a good number of members, we will officially open the group and make a social media account (instagram or twitter) to share everyone's adoptables..

We are currently recruiting new members for different positions. If you are interested, please check the requirement tab to see what you must do. You can apply for both positions as well.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

Group info

The discord server is made for our adoptable artists to hang out and to discuss adoptable, inspiration, share wips or send each other feedback. We will plan events and announce it there ― currently as we are lacking moderating and managing members only adoptable artists can join the discord server. If we feel like the discord server is ready for the public, we will announce its opening.

The toyhouse world is used to store and feature our adoptables and for other members to see what's in store. It can be used as news announcements, community forums and trade centres ― which means everyone that is interested in adoptables can join.


Can I join if I'm not an artist/designer?
— Anyone can join our world and lurk, our discord server is only open for designers.

Can I post CS adoptables?
— Yes, we are not bound to any CS.

We don't set limits for the designers, if you meet all the requirements you will be accepted.

Adoptable Experience

Currently, we do not have the time to teach anyone how to sell adoptables, so you must have selling experience beforehand. We can provide support from time to time, but you are your own seller and manager.

Graphic skills

We may ask you to help with making templates for other members or make graphics for events.


For us to share news and updates we require for you to be active on discord.

Adoptable activity depends on you and how many members we have, but you must at least make 2-3 adoptables in a year.

On the group social media, we require you to actively check and reply to the post's comments. Promoting the group is necessary.

Group Social media

Upon release artists are required to post on our group social media (instagram or twitter). As we plan to post daily at the beginning for one month to get the maximum exposure ― So we require everyone to have enough content for us to post, it doesn't need to be new adoptables, it can be previous adoptables or even custom commission sheets.


The only responsibility you have as an artist is to be on time when a deadline is given to you. This is important when we are planning events. We will discuss everything with you and give you the deadline you agree on.

Group dynamic

We want the group to have a friendly environment. Please make friends and respect each other. We also appreciate it if you actively help and support each other ― which is why we decided to make this group.

This isn't a solo feature, it's a group ― please do not join if you don't want to support or interact with other artists.

Mod Experience

Previous mod experiences are beneficial but not necessary. We will guide you through all the tasks. Most of the time you will be only organising and arranging adoptables for our designers on toyhouse, discord and social media.

We are currently looking for only 3 moderators, one for each task (tasks listed below). We will expand the team if necessary.


We divide every moderator, so everyone will have more manageable tasks.

Helper The most flexible position out of all mods. Helpers have no fixed task, but are there to help everyone (other mods, designers and members). They are the one that needs to keep group activity in check, remind others of their tasks. Occasionally they will help with the event hosting.

Organiser They organise the character folder and moderate forums on toyhouse world. They do not need to code anything. If the provided guides are according to your opinion not effective enough, Organisers are welcome to suggest ideas. They also help organise the discord server.

Socialite They take all designer's submissions and post it on the group social media according to schedule. They also help moderate the discord server.

After you have been guided and have tasks assigned, we require you to manage the assigned tasks yourself, please keep deadlines in mind if there are one and check on the group frequently. If you are not able to check on the group at least once a week please do not apply.

Group dynamic

We want the group to have a friendly environment. Please make friends and respect each other. We also appreciate it if you actively help and support each other ― which is why we decided to make this group.

Mods are free to voice their opinion. We are always asking for suggestions and feedback, so we welcome any new point of views.


Posted 10 months, 15 days ago by calisto

Will copy-paste this here too

I found another site I can code on lmao

I will add more templates but also art there in the future