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2D & 3D comm slots open!!

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago by catterfly

ayy I've got comm slots available for 2D and lowpoly 3D art right now!

Full thread (and price guide) here, direct comm form here, but in short:

11119506_r3PH4zWnO3Ghz3z.png 12963066_CYZLa1LggZcAceS.gif

2D starts at 50usd, defaults to fullbody & soft-shaded/painterly.
Simple animation allowed, eg paper-doll style or wobble lines or winks, stuff like that.

I'm not spectacular at drawing hardsurface mechs, but I'm pretty much up for doing anything!
Adult subjects only allowed if you're over 18, but hmu for the Stuff and the Things. ;D



3D starts at 150usd, defaults to lowpoly turntable & basic textures.
Animation allowed, sliding scale with respect to complexity, eg tail wags vs hopping a fence.

I can do (non vr-chat) rigs, small scenes, ref sheets, tbh just ask!