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Thank you so much for the code!!

Hey thanks so much for the code!

Thank you so much for the code!! 💙💙

Thankies so muchy for the code! ^w^ 

Ahh thank you so much for the code! 💕💕

Omg tysm for the code again!!

Thanks again for the code! ;o

heyo sis thanks again for the code! <3

Yooooo! :D How did you know it was me? My username is different! :DD

and now to binge read all your ocs yes :3c

i can see who validated each code!! and i luv to see everybody's Cool Stuff <3


Cool! :D

(I luv Seranova, she reminds me of how vry vry gay I am lmao. Naphtha is too cute and they deserve hugs just for existing ♥)

tysm for the code and the follow :D !!

Tysm for the code and follow! <3

thank u for the code!!! ;v; and for the follow!!!

Thank you for the invite code, I greatly appreciate it *gives a million hugs hecc* >w<

Thanks for all the continued love to my characters, Catter. ; v; I miss you tons!


Thank you so much for the code!!!

Tysm for the code !!! <3

i'm here caw henlo and thank u for the code!!

Ur a nerd

no i'm p sure you're the nerd

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i do!!!! i need to draw them More Art flgkj thank u!!!

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"Thank you so much for the favourite. You're too sweet!"

Thank you so much for participating in the taur game and for the amazing hippotaur! I loves him. And I hope it takes off cause I really wanna see what a salamander taur looks like now xD

aa i'm glad you do! smoosh was v fun to draw :3 (also i'm rly tempted to just draw a salamander taur anyway haha)

I'm totally gonna do one if someone else doesn't post by tomorrow. XD Can't promise it'll be amazing, never drawn a salamander before, but gah XD And if someone does after that then you'll have two salamander taurs! So win win.