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Posted 7 months, 10 days ago by cosmical

I've lost connection on a lot of characters, so I'm looking to find them a better home

VERY TENT (looking at trades/3-ways only):

TENT (trades or resale prioritized, can look at art/etc): (no resale) (no resale) (no resale) (no resale) (no resale)

MEDIUM (trades, resale, art, etc):

everyone here, here, or here

You can see examples of my design likes in my favorites (for trades)

You can comment or dm me w offers!

Reference Sheet Bundle Comm [MINE]

Posted 10 months, 22 days ago by cosmical

Astronautical, AnemoOmlette and I are collaborating on a quick reference sheet bundle!

Please read through this bulletin before you order, and note that different parts of the reference will be drawn by different people so there will be slight art style differences! All other information is listed out below:



Front view + side OR back view by Astronautical, 3 expressions + misc items by me, and a rendered bust by Anemulette

Examples from Astronautical and AnemoOmlette respectively:




- Back AND Side view from Astronautical (as opposed to one of the two)

- Chibi sheet with five drawings from Astronautical ( example )

- Chibi markings or additional outfit reference from me ( will be done in a style like this )


We're not completely sure what our turnaround time will be, although I would estimate 1-2 weeks

We can draw humanoids with limited animal features (although feel free to ask)

Payment will be through paypal


Please fill out this form if you're interested in commissioning one:

User // way to contact (discord is easiest) // character // expressions or pose requests // add-ons?

In the case that we receive multiple interested people, we'll choose one that we feel we can do the most justice on

Please comment or dm me if interested!


Posted 10 months, 24 days ago by cosmical

sorry not sorry for adding onto the artfight spam

i'll be on team vampire !! super hyped for this year

✩ Discord Server Launch!!

Posted 11 months, 1 day ago by cosmical

JUMKIT! is officially up and running! Come join iinkt, miravaii, kreaturely, vernorexic, & I in our spaceship-themed craziness!!

>> <<

We're super excited to finally launch ! The server features community hangout, art streams, fandom discussion, and roleplay as we release spaceship lore!! You'll be able to see announcements and chat with each of us, and share your work with others! Make sure to read the rules and introduce yourself~

See you all there ! ✩


Posted 11 months, 1 day ago by cosmical


6 Votes I'M IN 👊

iinkt , kreaturely , vernorexic ,  miravaii , and I are hoping to release a discord server for our friends and followers this weekend!

Introducing JUMKIT! - a cruise starship featuring community hangout, art streams, fandom discussion, and spaceship lore roleplay as it goes on!! You'll be able to see announcements and chat with each of us, and share your work with others! It's been a fun project for all of us for months and we're super excited to finally launch.

Hope to see yg there this weekend! See the countdown for when we officially launch our server here!!


Posted 11 months, 8 days ago by cosmical

I'm hosting a design raffle on my twitter !!


Any enters or shares are much appreciated <3


Posted 11 months, 17 days ago by cosmical

Hi everyone!! It's been a hot second since my last update, but I've made a twitter acc finally!

 >>> You can find it here: <<<

Twitter scares me a bit but I'm really excited to try it out ! Will be posting any future adopts and updates on there as well as any updates :)

Feel free to drop me your account as well :D !

Friend's Art Raffle

Posted 1 year, 4 days ago by cosmical

hello friends i present mira art:

Seriously though, look how beautiful this is! Go support her and enter the raffle !!


I have a lot of characters that I've either disconnected from or have just been gathering dust in my folders, so I'm purging (for real this time).

I'm keeping my sonas and most likely a handful in active as well, but don't be afraid to offer (only strict off limits is Jay)! In terms of offers I'm happy to look at anything: USD vouchers/points, art, and trades. If offering trades, let me know who's off-limits; I'll also be extremely picky so no guarantees of accepting if you offer only a trade (you can see my design likes here).

FREEBIES (1-2 per person, FCFS, please be reasonable lol), tent-ish WTA (and offers) in this folder . Any offers or shares are appreciated,, but yea! Go ham guys :)

Sorry for vanishing for a month or so! I had a lot of tests and aps, but im back now (^///^)

Now that school is ending, I'm planning to organize my account and my social medias a bit so look out for updates on that! Specifically wanting to try out Twitter (lmk if there's anything I should know beforehand or anything,, Twitter honestly scares me a bit lol)

I also want to rebrand a bit! Thinking about changing my username and stuff, and purging any characters that I will never use on this account (unlike most of my purges I will probably be accepting most if not all offers)... I just have a lot of characters just collecting dust in folders. Also wanting to update my profile code and such.

So yeah! Thank you for possibly reading my little ramble here hehe (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ).. it's good to be back