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[!!!] Mega MYO event!

Posted 3 months, 1 day ago by danbbuh

Aermerea held a mega myo event and they're free!!!

Come join and claim yours now before the ticket gone!



Posted 8 months, 27 days ago by danbbuh

Merry Christmas and happy holidays for you who celebrate it OwO

Also, there's an myo event of Bobamimi CS and it's free! You can join by clicking in this link ~

2020 sprinkits raffle OwO

Posted 10 months, 23 days ago by danbbuh

Join this raffle and win a delicious kits //slapped 

[!!!] Galaxy baby free MYO Event

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by danbbuh

There's a free myo event for this cool closed species QwQ join before it's ended https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/149288.free-galaxybabies-myo-event-details-inside-

FMN and CD species reopening

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by danbbuh

This is signal boost for everyone that have FMN or CD in the past. The community will be activated again. And if you haven't registered your fmn or cd in the master list, go check it here https://www.deviantart.com/afterlife-express/journal/Masterlist-and-Species-Reopening-Raffle-OPEN-827017487

There's a raffle too~ OwO/

My Comfort Meme

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by danbbuh
About Me

Other Notes
  • Message me on TH or discord for fast response as I'm active checking my account.
  • I'll give you my discord via pm only.
  • My characters mostly are male and they are all 20+.
  • I'm 20+, and I can't rping underage character, so yea... No cutesy of me.
  • My timezone is GMT +8.
  • I'm a worker, so there'll be a day where I can't reply to your message, but I'll try my best to reply it on my break.
  • I can give you a fast reply on my free time~
  • If I didn't reply to you for a few days, just ping me orz
  • If i'm busy I'll tell you the reason, so please tell me too. Just don't neglect them without any reason.
  • I don't mind drawing our character, or even commission for them.
RP Location

Google Docs 

Other Notes
  • I prefer do it on discord, but TH is okay, just tell me.
  • I'm not comfortable in other platforms, as I get confused sometimes.

One on One 
Up to 3 
Up to 4 
As Big as Possible 

Other Notes
  • I prefer one on one RP because I could focus more on it
  • I'm not comfortable doing group rp with more than 6 people in it, I can be confused orz
Post Type

Script Style 
Head Cannon 

1 or 2 Sentences 
1 or 2 Paragraphs 
2 to 5 Paragraphs 
5+ Paragraphs 
A few pages worth 

Other Notes
  • script, paragraph, or hc is an ok for me
  • I'm kind of flexible, so I can switch from script to paragraph anytime
  • Before we start rping, I prefer to hc or plotting first
  • Please don't give me a long paragraph like 5 or more. It gives me a headache to reply to it, and I dont want to make you upset with my short reply.
  • I prefer sentences when I want a fast reply
  • English is not my main, so forgive me for my wonky phrase
Preferred Character Types

Don't care 

Don't care 

Closed species 

Other Notes
  • I rp with human or humanoid only, don't throw me your anthro or feral please
  • Closed species/original species is alright, as long as they're in humanoid form
  • My characters are mostly male, I only have a few females and they're for private only.
  • MxM or MxF both are fine with me
RP Types

Action / Adventure 
Horror / Mystery 
Slice of life / Casual 
Canonical Universes 

Other Notes
  • I'm not into AU or canon, but if you want to do it just ask me.
  • I prefer casual or slice of life
  • The only fandom characters that I have from BNHA and DBH, no other than that.

Must be planned in advance 
Characters must know each other 
Depends on the character & situation 

Exclusive Relationships 
AU relationships with others 

Other Notes
  • I'm always open for shipping as long as my character still single.
  • I prefer to talk about it first. If they're compatible for each other, we can continue.
  • Exclusive relationship with one character only, and I hope you can do the same thing.
  • No AU relationship, don't ask if they're already taken.
  • Don't suddenly break their relationship. You can explain it to me, so I can put them on their history.
Relationship Speed

Slow and steady 
Molasses, I want to suffer 
Depends on the characters 

Other Notes
  • I'm alright with fast relationship speed, but talk to me first.
  • Immediately relationship for someone that already I know only.
  • But everything depends on the character if they're suit for each other, yea... Let's do it.

Skip the act 
Write build up, skip act 
Only write the act if it's good 
Write the act always 

Other Notes
  • I love smut, and I'm alright with it. But please talk to me beforehand so I can prepare my heart /weeps.
  • But if you want to surprise me, go on LOL
Romantic Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with 
Post but don't show me 
Don't ever post w/o consulting 
Don't care 

Hugs or Cuddles 
Sexual Acts 

Other Notes
  • I'm seeker of romantical artwork Owo
  • Hugs,cuddles,or kisses arts are totally fine. You can post it without telling me lol
  • NSFW and sexual act are fine, but must talk to me first.

No violence at all 
Discuss it with me first 
Don't care 

Verbal arguments 
Mild (Papercut, Elbow to the face...) 
Normal (Stabbing, Fist fight...) 
Extreme (Torture...) 

Other Notes
  • I like small drama of violence while rping, but if you don't want it just tell me.
  • My characters mostly are 20+. So, everything is alright to me.
  • Some of my characters do violences in their life, so yea...
Psychological Problems

Neurotypical only 
Discuss it with me first 
Don't care 

Depression or other similar problems 
Extreme personality problems, PTSD, etc. 

Other Notes
  • Some of my characters have dark personality and so their past. And I'm alright if you want to use character with similar personality/problem.
Dramatic / Violent Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with 
Post but don't show me 
Don't ever post w/o consulting 
Don't care 

Mental stress or self harm 
Mild depictions (scrapes, bruises...) 
Average depiction (open wounds...) 
Extreme depictions (dismemberment, torture...) 

Other Notes
  • I love dark theme, so just do it Owo

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