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hello and welcome 2 my pagee!!

✟☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆✟

ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

here is some info 4 u!!

my page is best viewed on a computer!!

my page also includes:

✟ themes of mental illness ✟

✟ self-shipping

✟ religious themes
✟ gore in varying amounts ✟

✟ suggestive themes ✟

✟ flashing lights and bright colors ✟

✟ disturbing imagery

✟ loud music on some pages! (they don't autoplay though <3)

✟ lots of gifs?? ✟


I upload content inconsistently and uhhh yea also I do bulletins too (i swear as well haha funny words)


✟ draw art for me! (I love getting gift art dgjkdkjgk)

✟ mass fav or anything like that, i dont mind and i get really happy if even one of my characters r faved <3<3<3
✟ offer on characters that are up for offers! (anyone in the adopts and trades folder)

✟ draw my ocs in different outfits!! (whatever you think they'd wear, go ahead with it!! draw it!!)

✟ link our ocs!! comment/pm first for reasons why so I'm not so confused :p)



✟ Don't Steal/Claim as yours/Trace/"Fix" any of my characters.

✟ Don't call any of my ocs "sexy" or "hot" that makes me very uncomfy when randos do it. (friends/mutuals are free to though, as i actually know them and im fine with them doing it.)

✟ people who compare ocs to other ocs in general

✟ Don't sell any of my characters if I trade them to you.

✟ Don't offer on anyone in "my babies" or anyone in the subfolders of it!! If I decide so they will be moved to the trades folder if I don't want them. 


✟ factkins (stay the FUCK away <3)

 ✟ If you are a fetish/NSFW account (unless if I interact first, normally not knowing you are an NSFW account)

✟ a predator/cougar

✟ a proshipper

have any fake sexuality

are ""trans-racial""/""transabled""

are under the age of 12

Creepshow art/kittydog/sssniperwolf/callmecarson/keemstar etc. supporters

countryhumans/Hetalia fans

people who sexualize the minors of ANY persona game

anyone who uses kiwifarms/4chan/lolcow


people who defend porn of jadienanimations/anyone similar.

incel apologists

racists, lgbtqia+phobic, truscum, don't respect neopronouns, ace exclusionists, ableist, people who still believe in cringe culture, etc. ✟ 


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