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When you view my profile, make sure to expect... (please scroll to see all listed.)

  • flashing lights/bright colors
  • gore/horror
  • sensitive topics
  • religion
  • dark topics/stories
  • disturbing imagery
  • lots of gifs!

 Stuff I allow 

  • gift art
  • fav spamming
  • kinning my ocs (the exceptions being my sonas, aka anyone at the top of my cloud 9 folder/any tabs they have + anyone in my paradox folder)
  • artistic critiques of my art (dont just go "its bad" lmao)


terfs, homophobes, xenophobes, transphobes racist, conservative, etc. fetish accounts/nsfw accounts
DrCola/Nemmy_nem (groomed minors) Roxalew (does not credit designers/creators, espicially their plushpon designs.) kabi/sunky (literally do i even need to say anything) CLAVX_ (friend of kabi, very creepy person) kittydog (personal) Sapphirus (personal) AJheagao (personal) Dramaticirony (personal) (See my design tos for full list; i don't update my profile warning often.)


plz note: i have a small typing quirk! i talk liek im from 2010's myspace wwwww §(* ̄▽ ̄*)§
have fun on mah page~!! >u<

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