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Returning + Revamping

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago by hen-tie

Hi everyone! It's been a while! Thank you for staying subscribed to me despite being inactive, and a warm hello and welcome to the new subbies! 

I'm slowly going to update all my kids here especially their DPs because I'm OCD that way www. Might as well spoil them with new art especially because my style has changed so much in the last 3 years. I temporarily set a new folder featuring the updated kids as default, but all my already uploaded characters are still there and viewable. 

I hope that my new content is something to look forward to and I'll eventually put exclusive commissions/adopt sales here in TH in the future.
Thank you again for staying with me, I deeply appreciate that! T ♡ T

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

Okay so I've been mulling over this potential closed species for 2 weeks now and only found the time to make a quick scribble. So basically this is like a cross between hummingbirds and bats; I've done some research on these two animals (like the anatomy, diet, behavior, etc.) and thought it was a cute concept--though I apologize if someone else had already done this already--if ever I'll try to tweak my own if that was the case.

Anywho--I'm very new to designing anthros (is this one even? x'D) so I'd like to know what you guys think and I'd appreciate any suggestions/ideas you may have (ESPECIALLY THE NAME LMFAO). For now I'm just calling these kiddos HummingBats cuz I'm so creative.

Anyway thanks for looking ;;; ;;;