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I love your art and species so much. It's all so gorgeous. <3 

Hewo I had a dream that I commented on your profile so I'm here because of that

Your art is so crispy and clean, so beautiful   

-come in here to admiring all your beautiful arts and ocs- 

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Beautiful arts and characters (‘  7 `)

Omg! Lovely art!

Another person I really like the art of :D

Hi! I love your art and profile aesthetics!

May I please ask how you're really successful on selling characters? I've been trying a lot to sell characters but honestly no luck has came to me ;;

TY! Mmn there's really no concrete answer but keep learning art and polish your cute art style to make your designs appeal to more people. If things are still not working out in the long run maybe consider doing art commissions instead? It'll be a hard journey but take tiny steps as you go, do your best not to get disheartened. 

Thank you so much for the suggestion! Also, do you think my art style is cute? Thank you so much, i'll try that soon!! :)

I started an art commission, do you know how to make it catch people's attention?

hi there are so many comments but,, would i be allowed to doodle some of your characters? they look like they'd be so fun to draw honestly ahbhs

sorry for late response but feel free to, ty for wanting to draw them!

Hi there! :0 I'm in love with you're profile I can't-

Your characters are soooo cute! Love your artwork as well! :D

hi & thank you!

You're literally so talented I-

like you're art is god level

Aaa I'm far from god-level but ty for the kind words!   

You're welcome   

Hello! I'm running a community art/writing newsletter and would love to feature you or your characters (or both!) sometime in the future if you'd permit me. If you'd like to check it out, the first volume is up here: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/173770.the-inkblot-volume-i-october-12th-2020

If you're interested in reading further volumes, subscribing to my bulletins will give you just the newsletter!

Sure, and thanks for considering me! 

Hello there, may I ask what canvas size you use for fullbodies? I'm thinking of possible starting commissions but I never really manage to fit my characters well, and then when I make my canvas size too big it won't let me upload it to toyhou.se :")

Usually 3K-4.5K pixels tall. It's just a comfortable size for me while working. But if you have to upload it on TH you have to resize it unfortunately.

Hello there! Thanks for the help and info !

I reeeeally want to draw a few of your characters, but I have sooo much more to do! tumblr_inline_mo8u37I5GS1qz4rgp.gif

Ah thanks for liking them that much to want to draw em. You're free to do so only if you feel like it or free to do so. Good luck with your work, and you have cute art too btw!   

Your characters are so meticulously designed and your art style is so clean and appealing, I absolutely adore your works~ :)

Ah thank you I'm really glad you think so! I'm a happy collector and artist so it means a lot   

i love your art so much! it looks so professional and just stunning! plus your designs are super pretty! you're sooo good with colors i'm jealous... someday i hope i'll be able to draw at least half as good as you :D

(also we have the same mbti type!)

Ah thank you so much! I'm very happy to know you feel that way about my work. I still feel I have plenty of things to improve on but I'm honored that you think highly of me, let's just keep improving and growing! I sincerely wish you well with your art journey fellow infp-t   

asdfghjkl; aa omg!! Your characters are stunning and at first I thought you were a picrew creator and then i realised that it's because your art is so stunningly beautiful ~ <33 You're a big inspiration too xD

a picrew creator? but thanks for liking my art and my oc's!   

sksksk your art looks better than picrew -

:000 do you have a DTIYS ongoing?? I can't find it but If there is may I enter??

I did and I usually host it on my IG, but it just recently ended though. Thanks for the interest!


Ah thank you so much for liking them, it makes me happy (but don't die!!)     

Anytime! (don't worry i won't die)

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh I Love your gorgeous art style and i love your art💕 I heard u from deviantart last year😀 I hope you may keep drawing! And keep your your wonderful art skills!🍓 Btw im from the Philippines🇵🇭

Ah thank you for the kind comments, I'll do my best with my work! Also it's nice to see a fellow Filipino in the community   

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Ah hello there! Thank you very much for putting into words how you feel about me and my kids, I'm honored to be able to inspire in any way. It makes me really happy to know that and tysm for finding me and my work too!     

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Aww glad you like my art, thank you!   

i just wanted to stop by and say i love your username, haha, it's such a fun one!! how'd you come up with it if you dont mind me asking?

Ah hello there and ty! My old username had the word "Heaven" on DA, and one of my best friends accidentally shortened it to "Hen". Then we all dared each other in our little circle to change our usernames to something silly...and it stuck to us even years later.   

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weheh ty! it's not too much a difference but finally got css upgrade while keeping my html templates www

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Thank you! It's HTML which you place directly on the character folder description:
< img src="IMG LINK HERE" style="position:fixed; left:0; bottom:0;" >

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Np! I look forward to seeing cuties peeking in your profiles ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

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I see a peeking neko dice~ cute www

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ehe glad you like the dancing red sock a lot ( ´ ▽ ` )

WAHH thank you for the sub hen ahjhjkfgfg!! ♥♥ ;// 7 //;

np and ty for subbing me first btw! ♡
//quietly peeks at your kids

ashdkjahsd my babies feel honored being peeked by you y///w///y ♥ Your kids are the most precious ones tho ahh ♥♥

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np! ty for subbing to me first and you have beautiful kids btw! ^^

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oh man...Thank you so much for subscribing;/////;!! I love all your works so much. such a senpai notice me haha;///;

Hey miki! Senpai doko??? TY for the kind words, and subbing to me first despite my TH being dormant (but don't worry I'll be active here soon www). I also love your works so I look forward to seeing them here too! 

In front of me-----you---- youre welcome;///; I enjoy seeing your beautiful child here and I look forward to seeing more as well! I really glad to hear that from you. youre good(to meTT///) and amazing! (also subbing to me since I have lost my luck in the last flat sales Lol)

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I should've done so long ago, you have so many pretty kids and I love how you spoil them. It'd be a shame not to subscribe back www. TY for the kind words and following me in the first place, I'll do my best to make arts of my kids again now that I'm back. T ♡ T

Aaaa- I didn't know you have a toyhou.se >//u//<

Your art is beautiful! And winter (your heartbaby) is sexy ;____;/

Your page is amazing and your characters are so beautiful!!

Glad you think so thank you! T T

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I'm happy you feel that way thanks! TT TT


SOBS THANKS SO MUCH GLAD U THINK SO--//revives on the side

Thank you sooo much for the fav ♥ And daaaaamn! Your art is gorgeous ♥0♥

whuu np! Your kid was really cute can't help it. And thanks so much T _ T

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH OMG HI. I'm not sure if you remember me, but it's Katsunyah from dA. We were in Clock Hearts together~! ^ ^ I can't believe I randomly came across your stuff here! Everything looks so awesome!

waww hey kat! CH such a looong time ago waw; it's nice to hear from you again ^ q ^

I know! And it's nice to hear from you, too! I've been silently watching your art improve so much and to find you here just makes me happy. > u <

oh gosh i'm so hazukashii. I feel my progress hasn't been that great but I'm glad you feel that way T v T

"hen-tie" and "chiKUHN" //nASAL LAUGHTER (Sorry, heehee, I love your art and character bbys! >//w//< )

LOLOL Hope you had a good laugh wwww. Also tysm <3

I stg i need to be like you more- draw all my ocs first b4 uploading them otherwise they wont look nice in their directories ;o; //learning from the chickueh

oh my if you're like me it will take eons before we both finish uploading//laughs
i'm just OCD with chara profiles--although this also helps me connect to my adopted kids more T v T

//just realised that- Oh god this will be fun- It does? ;o; I must do that then xD; //but i think this might take infinity and beyond //slapped

did u just watch les miserables or smnthn

not so recently however I remember it enough x'D

i asked because your two recent charas were marius and cosette and that day i had watched the movie and i was like strange

oohh! I named the girl "Cosette" because I simply thought it suited her, it's my best friend who co-owns the boy who named him "Marius" because she's kinda a fan of Le Miserables. x'D

aAAAAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRING And wow your profile is beaut!

Np! I look forward to ur uploads and ty glad u think so T q T <3

Thank you for the sub ;w; I am a huge fan!

Whuu no prob! I should've subbed sooner cuz wow ur kids are beaut!! And waa im honored thanks ;;; ;;;

woa, theres some really great charas up in here. chorus: up in here.

glad you think so! tysm ( T ▽ T )


omfggg ty glad you do! ( Q ▽ Q )

Can I just casually stalk your stuff forever, everythings so bright and colorful *touches stuff* I needs me another design from you

kyyaa m-chan you're such a lovely stalker wwww//touches you. I-I'm just a color-blind chicken who likes everything that's sparkly and dere dere haha--but I'm really glad you think so. I also look forward to having another child be in a lovely home with you Q o Q <3

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aaaaa tysm glad you think sooo Q //// Q <3

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ndkwabw //rolls with you--TY K Q Q

i love your name also your theme/page

glad u do ty <333

chOKES I thought u were authorized after all this time buT APPARENTLY NOT--- //authorizes u :3c---

Oh my--ty tho! //scuttles to see your bootiful children

Wwwww npnp--- i still have so much more to name and upload onto th i wanna cry weeps

HNNN i was shown by the artist i commissioned for my MYO FMN aND HE'S SO GORGEOUS HEN SAVE ME

*clicks on the new NSFW picture of Rozen* "You do not have permission to view this picture." JFC Hen !!! ... I DONT CARE I SAW IT ON SAKONMA'S TWITTER BWAHAHAHAHA //FLIES AWAY IN THE NIGHT

Tho I understand for the NSFW, I don't understand why I can't see the new one of Kazu //sobs Why can't I see the fluff //slapped

OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'M SORRY--at least you know they weren't really...singing...//whistles in the wind
and ohh--I upload them for my own back-up and yuki is shy to have her doodles uploaded publicly so--//rolls into my fluff hole alone

Yes, they were doing quite... interesting things ; ))

And OOOOH I SEE !! I understand-- Damn... Fluff needs won't get fulfilled here //manly tear

all your charas and oc and art are so gorgeous omg Q____Q

WHUU TY--your babs are also so gorgeous hnnggg//taches them <333

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//is shoved pie
glad you think so ;;; ;;; //just licks own face
you also have cute kids~

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//randomly rolls here and admires all of Hen Senpais charas *///H///* //tossed

//rolls you around <333

*random pterodactyl screech* SENSEI YOU MUST TEACH MEH *^*

*randomly chicken screeches back* WHAT--I'M NO SENSE SHHHHH

qwq but sense *creepily follows you*

oo~ lovely page code /layout <3 and your chars are so cute~

TY so much. I fell in love with this pre-made skin so I had to use it. And thank youuuu. Excited to see all your cute OC's too <3

Your page is so cute. I love your icon. Looks like a manger chicken who's just so sick of everything and hasn't slept in 3 days.

Waa thank yoouuu. And your description best describes what I feel everyday hahaha. x'D

//HUFFS;; henn I can finally see more of your pretty art q 7 q <333

shhhhh--//hides my derp doodles dnfakjdbwa

geez hentie, why are you always so good at profile making, please design all my profiles

shhh, hen is quite dependent on templates ahaha;;; if Rae likes I can give you link to the css where I got it from. Plus I haven't tinkered the css for the character profiles//lazy LOL

pft hen became less magical jkjk, nah it's cool XD I don't have premium anyway to mess with css on th

Aaaah thank you for subscribing! Q3Q <33333 Your OCs are the cutest babies omg *3* //especially seren ;D

NP your kids are cool-looking <333
and gosh thank you so much, I'm glad you feel that way since all of them have a special place in my heart uhhu. And ahaha, Seren bby seems to be the most favored here so far //blushus

*^* I I love your art!

glad you do. thank you so much <3

Your very welcome!

I'M IN! //laughs// Hey Hen

and eiii piruu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hehe <33

your OC are Beautiful

ah gosh thank you, I'm happy you think so ( ; ▽ ; )



Hi Hen bby!!~~ It's Light-Dax aka ktails btw~~


Ahee hey K!
Still playing around with this site ahaha @ ^ @ //so lost but amused
I'll tinker with this more real soon especially for our project. Thank you again for the account <333

Waaa awesome! If you need help with anything, let me know~ ^^

Sweet!~ We can also use the World section of this site to help with our project if needed too? Have you explored that yet?

And no problem sweety!~ I'm very happy you like TH!~ ^.^

yuuss//will be bothering you in line ohoho
and ahhh I haven't seen another user with a developed world section yet. But welp will figure as we go on about it ehe, just have to refine our docs

Lol yeah, and hopefully get all our profiles in order waaa~ I hope I can get on there on my next day off~