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Posted 16 days, 12 hours ago by hxh

paristontada2.pnghelloooo i've been hard at the code-producing grind 💪 you know how it is, togashi's at it so i'm at it

i'm working on a character profile code! (see below image!, character pictured belongs to me, it will not be demo'd this way either :P i will probably make it a shizuku themed demo)
unknown.pngit is certainly not done, far from finished, as, i do want to make a completely bootstrap color version since i find custom colors can be tedious to think out & insert sometimes <_< for me anyway lol!!
it's completely mobile responsive i got you mobile homies 📞📱💯!!
as of right now, the page order is: 1. trivia, 2. design notes (incl. an html color palette made with hex codes that the user puts in), 3. personality 4. history/backstory/whateva
(subject to change though)
and also the block that says "a" at the bottom left will be turned into a relationships section. (maybe inventory instead, optionally. or something else? give me your thoughts if you'd like)

no set release date, maybe a rough eta of 3-6 more days, likely before the 17th (that is my surgery date so i want it out before then)
that's all :] just wanted 2 share. feel free to ask questions, leave comments or suggestions if you'd like!



Posted 21 days, 22 hours ago by hxh

hello!! ^_^ i've been wanting to get back into coding lately and my boyfriend has recently got into it and makes really amazing codes! we'll be making this a joint account from now on so this acc will be a bit more active and it'll motivate us both to code more. plus he's very good with bootstrap which is the aspect of coding i'm still very much learning and something he's helped me with many times :P

i hope you enjoy hir being here! and congrats on the manga return

- callisto

uhm, cheesed to not steal?

Posted 1 year, 4 days ago by hxh

just to clarify. i didnt think id have to. not to sound like i have a stick up my ass but

even if you vastly edit colors and switch a few parts in different order. that still counts as stealing a code especially if you have my code favorited. 😔 especially since i encourage editing it in the first place!! i love seeing people's takes on a code. but please dont upload as your own.

but thank you to everyone else who has supported me though! it's been a pleasant surprise and i appreciate it!