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Gosh your art is so cute.

just stumbled upon this profile and i love all the art! good job :0

(also how did you get that cat icon hmm)

I must confess. I've been a follower of your art for years on DA, (Aywas) etc and I just wanted to say you still remain my favourite artist. There's just something special about the way you do what you do that I can't do anything but love it.

PS Your designs are absolutely gorgeous too ;u;

This is probably the sweetest comment I've ever received, thank you so so much for being a fan of my work for so many years! ;; I can't express my appreciation enough, I hope I can continue to make work that you enjoy and just know from the bottom of my heart how much it means to me to receive a compliment like this!

your characters are gorgeous!

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Do you have any designs/ocs UFT/s?

How do you get adopts on here how do you pay for them?

You’re such an inspiration! The Characters you’ve created are so unique and beautiful   

(flipping rapidly on the spot)

Your character Kiku is so pretty! I love your artstyle and everything! Also, do you have any open adopts?

Your OCs and your art are life omg This is beautiful I love them so much !! ;w;

ahhh thank you for such a kind comment, it means a lot to me! <3

No problem, I really mean it ;v;

i cant believe i never saw your kite species before they are love

thank you so much!! i'm glad you enjoy them! ;o;/

Do you do any adopts or even custom designs? ;w; Your artworks are beautiful!

ohh sorry for the late reply! i'm hoping to get into adopts soon, actually - thank you very much for the compliment!! *v*

Mhmm, no problem at all! ^-^ I will be glad and happy to own a character that you might make soon :)


asldkjflad douses it with my tears!!

they're so pretty ahhh