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Your backgrounds are mesmerising,, super impressive. The detail and colour choice is astounding.

i love alouette's design, she is so pretty! ^^

I tumbled upon your art in the art trades forum, and you are INCREDIBLE!  I'd post there but the character I'd want drawn doesn't have a complete ref yet haha.  I struggle a lot with backgrounds so huge respect for your work.

aaa thank yooou dfhkjdshfjk!! ;v; I actually struggle a lot drawing characters so I really love how fluid and dynamic your characters are. I would love to do an art trade with you when you do have a ref!!

That means so much thank you!!  I’m very excited to trade with you!

I can probably finish it tomorrow!  I just finished the final project for my animation class today so I got tons of free time to work on it.

Not me forgetting that I have a toyhouse

lol wooo tho, im glad to see you here!! now I can now continue to stare at your art uvu

:00000 no you!

OOo i just came by your profile and ooo!! your art style is so beatifull!! i love seeing the backrounds and mmm its so prewtty!!

aa thank you so much! ;v; wha I'm so surprised you found me out of the blue jfdklsfjl I'm glad you like my backgrounds!!

ofc!! keep doing what ya do! and i hope you have a great day!

Mango friend!

//kissu the froggy uvu

*responds in record time* I MISS U MANGO