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Visor Species

Posted 1 month, 6 days ago by moif

Made by Hackwolfin!
Little more anthro than I usually do but with the visor keeping it simple I want to try them out  \ o /

AW0005 Spring Gala Raffle

Posted 1 month, 18 days ago by moif

The AW0005 CS has a fun event going on right now and an absolutely stellar design raffle up:


Broken Images

Posted 1 month, 30 days ago by moif

This is mostly a PSA! I made a post about this a few months ago but since it seems to have gone properly into affect today I wanted to post up a reminder.

If you haven't already heard discord is no longer viable for image hosting - which means a lot of broken images that you might start to notice while wandering around toyhouse because a lot of people used it for this purpose.

For more information:

Things to keep in mind!

- Right now I've found that if you send the link (without any of the parameters at the end) into a discord chat, it'll populate the image, which is convenient but may not work forever. It works even if you may not have owned the original images.

- There are a lot of alternatives most of which are listed in the above link but I can't help specifically mentioning the tool I made to allow usage of Google Drive for public hosting of your images, with a discord like UI for uploading:

AW0005 Artist Applications

Posted 3 months, 4 days ago by moif

Sorry to anyone that follows me that's getting this message twice from the AW0005 world too, but we're really actively looking for artists for our next event so I wanted to throw the net a little wider!

AW0005s is looking for artists!

Our Spring Gala event is coming up in March and we're looking for both Guest Artists and Asset Artists to commission for things we need for the event!

Apply Here if you're interested!


Plushie Species MYO event

Posted 3 months, 16 days ago by moif

I know there's a million but this one has lace backs so I'm here for that

I made an Image Host Replacement

Posted 5 months, 19 days ago by moif

I don't know how many of you have heard but discord is removing the ability to use them as an image host.

I was very upset by this because I adore the discord UI for the purposes of easy image uploading.
And being the programmer that I am- I made my own alternative. 

It's got a discord like UI, you can save it to your phone's home screen to have it act like an app.
Additionally it is logged into with your google account and all images are saved to your own google drive, so you retain all access to your own images. All the app does is facilitate uploading them, marking them as public, and provides an easy copy link / image button for being able to share them. 

It doesn't have any ads. I am not aiming to make any money off of it, nor am I planning to. I just had a really good idea and wanted to be able to share the ease of use. <3 

Please feel free to share with others if you find it helpful!

MYO Event!

Posted 8 months, 30 days ago by moif