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   Hello there stranger   


Forgive my really poor memory for names, especially since I've jumped around a fair bit between sites the last year or so. I definitely think your un is familiar to me but I can't place where from. v.v

I'm from Solia :D I commissioned a ton of OC's back in the day!

Ooooh, we'll then hello again old friend! Solía was so long ago now. How long did you end up sticking around there? Did you survive for their new "virtual world" they had setup?

Oh heck no. I tried to get used to it for a month or so but when they told us we weren't getting any of our items back, I left. the game aspect is so buggy and slow :/

Fair! I stuck around for a long while, and watched everyone slowly leave. It was so dead when I went looking elsewhere and found Dappervolk recently opened. 

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