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updated chara profile :)) yay

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by noll

hi. i dont make bulletins here much. hows it going.

i updated dietrichs profile so now u can dress him up in his lil outfits <3 i might add some more later xoxo. u can also read about him of course... im still adding some more info to his profile so it snot fully done yet. but i did add his favorite song so if u want to know what he lsitens to knock urself out. 


the rest of his buddies will be getting redone profiles once i figure out redesigns for them... probably starting with vlad my favorite guy vlad. so i will be making more lil dress ups <3 

live laugh lobster

Character + user layouts!

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago by noll

hey everyone! i started making some layouts for toyhouse characters & user profiles. i made a new account for them (HTMLobster) for better organization. i've got a few more WIPs in the works (they're chilling on this account rn dhjfdhjk) that i'll be releasing soon too!

forum thread with info!