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My character bios contain some mature themes, as well as some pretty uncomfortable content at times. 

The most sensitive subjects I'll cover are abuse, suicide, violence and occasional sexual themes. I generally try to avoid describing these things in too much detail, but they may still potentially be discomforting for people. Note that I do not condone any of the terrible things I may write about, and I am often drawing from my own experiences as well as doing research where I can. Every character will have a specific warning when you click on their page.

I am of course willing to discuss changing aspects of my work if you believe I've written about something incorrectly or misrepresented a type of person - but please only do that with me over private messages. Note that confrontation makes me anxious and it may take a few days for me to form a response.


Note for art games: Please read over the design notes on my character profiles before drawing anybody.

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