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My content has an age rating of 15+ due to the mature themes listed below. I will not block younger people outright as it's impossible to clarify the age of everybody who ever views my page, but the warning is in place for those who do not wish to view work with darker subjects. After reading this, I believe the viewer can make their own judgement about what's best for them to see.

The most sensitive subjects I'll cover are abuse, suicide, violence and occasional sexual themes & references. I generally try to avoid describing these things in too much detail, but they may still potentially be discomforting for people. Note that I do not condone whatever bad things I write about, and I am often drawing from my own experiences as well as doing research where I can. Every character who deals with difficult subjects will have a specific warning about it when you click on their page, so for example if you're sensitive to death but not toxic relationships, you'll know what you're in for with each individual character.

There is technically nudity present in my character references but it's 100% like barbie doll anatomy and so it isn't tagged because there's zero intentions of it being explicit. It's purely there for the sake of showing off patterns that would otherwise be covered by clothes. The warning is here just in case it catches anyone off guard.

I am of course willing to discuss changing aspects of my work if you believe I've written about something incorrectly or misrepresented a type of person - but please only do that with me calmly, over private messages. Note that confrontation makes me anxious and it may take a few days for me to form a response.


Note for art games: Please read over the design notes on my character profiles before drawing anybody. Make sure all bipedal characters are clothed if they have an outfit ref on their profile.

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