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Hey! Welcome to my page. I'm Julien.

I primarily draw horses, with some other animals mixed in. Some things:

♥ Please don't use my characters or designs for inspiration / moodboards / as references for other designers.

♥ You're welcome to put my characters into dreamie folders, but please don't offer on designs outside the sales folder.

♥ Fanart is appreciated! But please don't draw my characters in nsfw situations. 

♥ On that note, I don't participate in nsfw communities / art, please don't interact with me inappropriately. It makes me uncomfortable. :')

♥ I'm an adult! Minors are welcome to follow, but please don't expect me to follow back.

♥ A handful of my characters have bloody imagery or deal with heavy themes related to mental health, addiction recovery, etc. They are tagged and/or mature locked appropriately.

♥ for my safety, please dni if you are closely associated with catfynli

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