Jade Everstone / Somnacanth's Codes

Rules (Read before using!)

You May:

frankenstein with other codes (as long as the creator of said code allows it)

edit/change as much as you need (example: making character codes into user codes, vice-versa)

Use offsite as long as credits are kept (ie: neocities pages)

You May Not:

Redistribute, resell, and/or claim codes as your own.

Remove credit (you're allowed to move & edit it though, just keep it visible)

( Any code specific rules are listed on the codes themselves )

Tips & misc. notes

Some basic html knowledge is recommended when editing. Site I reccomend for learing html/bootstrap/CSS is

When editing, remember to turn WYSIWYG off! My codes might break otherwise

I suggest using a code editor to edit them, Like Circlejourney's TH editor, Toyhouse-focused and gives live previews!

IF USING OFFSITE: You will need to do heavy mods. My codes are based off Toyhouse's dependancies (Bootstrap 4, FA pro icons) and will break if pasted in unmodified. For doing offsite mods, I suggest using Codepen for live previews