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omg i love how colorful all of your characters are! they are all so adorable too ;-;

OMG ;_; thank you so so much!!

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AW You are so welcome! :D Thank you for thanking me - enjoy!

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AWW OMG I missed this completely, but I HOPE YOU'RE HAVING A LOVELY DAY AS WELL

Thanks for your little random donation to help me out! That was incredibly kind of you. <3

AWh gosh, don't mention it! ;u;/ Hope it helped! <3


AWWWWW OMG <3333333

ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID THAT!

hi hungry im

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OMGM you're so sweet, thank you so much!!! ;_; <333

oml your art is absolutely adorable and amazing aaaaaa ;v ;; <3 <3

AWWWW MY GOSH ;_; thank you!!!!!!

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Ahhhh I love your art ; v ; 

Do you have a DA or other site where you post?

oH my gosh!! thank you so much ;_; 

my dA is tabbytigers! ;u;

cute art!

!!! AWH thank you! ;A;/

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Strieks a Pose

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gosh your art and designs are so cute and wonderful i love them <33

if you ever want to do a design trade w/ me please feel free to ask ;w;

oH MY GOOOOSH!!!! YOU'RE TOO KIND ;A; <333 THANK YOU i would totally be down, feel free to PM me!

aaaaaA your art / designs / characters are so cute!!?? im crying aaa they're all so amazing ?? omg ;;; V ;;;

oh my g oodness! ;A; <3 thanks so so much, you're too kind!

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i had! ;_; it was linked at the bottom of my post - but it's fine! simple mistake, i'll try again eventually ;U;

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oh my gOODNESS you are so kind!! ;_; thanks so so so much for your kind words - i do have a commissions account/thread/deviantart, i can totally pm you with the link if you're interested! ;U;

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Omg all of your thumbs are soooo cute like, the design is already good and the thumb just multiplies that by 100%

omg!! <33 you are way too sweet, thanks so much! ;7; i've been trying to figure out what looks best and what's easiest for thumbs (considering i have.. two hundred more to make..) but the good reception from yourself really helps out! ; ᵕ ;

Youre welcomee !!! Omggg like really, thumbs serves as a bait to lure people so they click and see the item aand for me your thumbs serves their reason perfectlyy and the design is rly cute omgg (^O^)

DONE! its being transferred! :>


no problem!! oml they were really fun to draw and i hope you don't mind the pastel colllar :)

WOw I just went through all 17 of your pages.. is there such thing as a creaivity/aesthetic overload?? ... NaH. Your characters are so amazing though!! :) I don't see any statuses anywhere/info about trading, could you tell me what your policy on offers is?

oh my gOSH you are!! so incredibly sweet, thank you so much! ;A; i super appreciate it! i apologise for any confusion and/or lack of information, but thanks for asking about it! i'm tentative with like, almost All of my characters, but you're welcome to offer! but in advance, i apologise if i don't accept <33

it's my absolute pleasure! and don't worry about turning me down I'm never offended/think less of anyone, I know its a risk I take when I offer on chars ;w; And it's no problem about organization either, I totally get it! XD I'm interested in any and all of these chars: http://toyhou.se/319912.neopolitan http://toyhou.se/432466.pirate http://toyhou.se/872126.sherbert http://toyhou.se/461544.zo- http://toyhou.se/344261.crumble http://toyhou.se/856524.cake http://toyhou.se/821922.cotton-candy OKK that was A LOT OF CAHRS I LIKE but I'd be willing to offer Art: ex: (http://flickerusmusings.blogspot.com/p/art_24.html) Or customs: (ex: http://flickerusmusings.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_32.html) Or anything in my tertiary-uft folders for any/more than one of these cuties! AANND THAT WAS A REALLY LONG MEASSAGE SOO SORRY :"0

ahh, fantastic! ;U; i'm so pleased you're interested in so many of my characters, ohmygosh <33 sadly, many of those i can't part ways - but i'd be totally willing to hand over Cake! i might have a fullbody of 'er somewhere, but if you're interested, do keep me updated! i might go for a character, or a custom! (i love your art by the by <33)

ok, cool! I can do either a char or custom so just let me know! thanks! :>

Your characters are adorable!

Thank you so much! ;A;

No problem love!

i really like those thumbnails you made :0

aww, thanks a lot! They're a new thing I'm doing, hopefully for every one of my characters - thanks a ton ;_;

also all your characters are really pretty!! and i know how that feels

omg! <3 thank you again ;A;


AHH OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH <33 andyoudon'thaveto;__;

O hai x'D

Ey someday I will :3

Once I choose who x'D

aaHH my gosh !!! all yr characters are so colorful ! i love em, ( also i rlly adore your art style wow !! ;;; )

ohmygosh that is so so sweet! ;A; thankyou so so much, i think your characters are all super duper cool! and goodneSS you tell me that, your art is literally like 2D magic

woah!! sorry if i just gave you notification spam omg but i love your characters!! they're all so colorful and unique

oh goodness thankyou so so much! it's absolutely no problem haha, it's a huge honor; thanks so much for finding interest in my characters and it's nice ta' meet you!






//steals comment virginity >:3c