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Thank you for the invite and make sure to boop the silly monkey man known as Diablo. 

I really love Enn's design! Such beautiful colors! All of your OCs look really nice, but he's the one that lead me here. :D

Thank you <33

shakes booty

I'm so offend.


Your designs and worlds are so rich with plenty of info and world, so many good concepts!! yayaya i really dig it

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ;u;

Why thank you!!! I've got some gorgeous OCs yourself @[email protected]

shuffles onto ur profile like whatwhatwhatwhat


//swoons your stuff is amazing

Wowowow thanks so much! I appreciate that 8> You've got great art and characters!

Ahhh so many amazing characters with interesting back stories * v * i see why they would be fun to rp with-- //but now i feel the need to write all of my bbys' stories out now -- //papming

Thank you so much! <3


Your characters are so handsome and interesting!! Thanks for helping me get a code!

thank you for the invite code. *bows*

Guilty Gear yasss <3

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas 8)

Praiiiiiiiiiise B] <3

Eyy, thanks a lot for the sub //whispers

Likewise! 8)

I don't even know why I went to your profile but I'm do glad I did Because you have K' on your page.

Oh man, you know K' ;O; He is my all time favorite canon character! I'm a huge KOF fan eue/

He's my third, right after Kula and Chris, and right before Rock o3ob

Ugh, I wish I there was an arcade near my home still, because now I want to play .3.

Ahhh nice! All good characters, definitely eue/ I'm partial to Shen and Duo Lon, and Rock, all after K' of course! I've got KOFXIII on PS3 ;u; its pretty rad

Ugh my ps3 hasn't been anything but a hella expensive door stop. It looks so good too.

I'll admit, my guilty pleasure SNK game is Neo Geo Coliseum xD

I kind of guessed Shen when I saw him on your front page lol. I'll admit, despite how creepy he is, Duo Lon is a very legit fighter.

PS3's have that problem pretty often :/ That sucks, I'm sorry. I haven't played that one! What system is it on? Or is it an arcade exclusive? I've seen art from it, but never any gameplay. Haha yeah, I'm into Duo Lon more on an aesthetic level. I'm not particularly good at playing him, and I hate playing against him :C But he's a very cool/unique fighter, for sure.

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Heya, just a quick message to let you know that I probably won't be able to get back to the RP for another little while because of exams ;v; Sorry about that, I'll reply once I have the time though though > w <

No problem at all! :) Good luck on exams!

Man your profile is freakin' sweeeet!

Ahhh thank you so much!


aaahh thank you so much for kindly giving me a code! after days of waiting i'm finally here HEHEEEH your characters and your profile are really nice by the way! thank you so much again! <3

Its no problem at all! :3 Welcome to! And thank you! <33

Oh yes

Your profile is nice!!!

Thank you!!! QoQ

FEELO FEEL //breathes on your beautiful bara page flex muscles with me


oh ho ho, you live in ohio as well and like baras yaaaaaaaaaas

Eyyyyyyyyyyy Ohioans B) Baras also yes A++++++++