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Emergency Design Resells (Not Mine)

Posted 7 months, 30 days ago by verfeuern

Just a quick signal boost for someone in the red, needing some help selling designs:

Risumiru UFS

Posted 8 months, 15 hours ago by verfeuern

In some dire need of funds, so selling two designs: - $90 obo
Original design by Risumiru/Sugarcube
Extra bust by Terraterrific

Won't  take payment plans unless I know you, but willing to hold for up to one  week! Feel free to comment or DM me if you're interested! Thanks!

Otherworldly Automaton Auction OPEN

Posted 9 months, 13 days ago by verfeuern


Putting this design up for auction! Bid now before it's swiped by someone else!

To those interested, I've launched an original fantasy rp group over on deviantart :> Apps are now open and will be until November 1!
Hoping to get a solid number of members for the first opening, so please spread the word! 


Discounts on a few designs

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by verfeuern

Just for this weekend, I'm cutting the price on a few designs I haven't sold, just in case anyone's been eyeing them! - $90  HOLD - $10 - $45 - $50 - $10

LF: Masculine designs!

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by verfeuern

Hi hello I'm really thirsty for some new designs soooo show me what you've got up for grabs? 

I'm particularly seeking:

  • Aliens
  • Humanoid monsters
  • Robots/Androids
  • Preferably masculine and/or muscular in physique! 
  • More androgynous or HQ chibi designs are OK too
  • Designs by: Kurokikumo, Smith/DesignCVH, Maunderfiend, Purple-Cube/EmptyCVCT, Sugarcube/Risumiru

I am NOT looking for:

  • Anthro/Furry/Kemonomimi characters (no animal ears/tails please)
  • Super femme/female designs (unless its a Kurokikumo design)
  • Doll makers, character creators, stuff looking like it was drawn in paint
  • Closed Species; not interested in any!
  • Scene/emo-looking stuff
  • Trade-Only designs where you're looking for a 'voucher' for it (ie. buying you an amazon gift card)

I can offer:

Comments or PMs are welcome! Thanks for looking! 

Purge! Kurokikumo, Etc

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by verfeuern

Well, its time for a major purge, in part to pay for college tuition,  and also because I've just been hoarding a lot of designs I've done  nothing with and I need to be a little more responsible with what I buy  8') I'll be much less tentative with these, but for reasons mentioned, money will be a priority! I will not do any payment plans or extended holds.

Highlights: - Kurokikumo - Trade
Additional designs can be seen here: 

As well as a handful of designs on my alien/monster account: (includes kurokikumo bust!)

Finally, some old designs I never got rid of over here: 

  • Designers I like: ViciousJay, RobotGuts, KurokiKumo, SithLordDeneray, Ventix, PURPLE_CUBE, Sugarlace, Forgess
  • Aesthetics include: Monsters/Aliens, Humanoids, Masculine/Muscular, Demons
  • NOT interested in ferals/quads  or any CS.
  • ....check out my faves for an idea of what I like!

Feel free to comment or PM me offers! Thanks for looking!

Closed Species Status: All Species

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by verfeuern

Hey all!

While Stelengel have been a  recent invention of mine, some may not know that I actually have created  a handful of CS in the past. Granted, the majority are quite old (damn,  time flies...) so I just wanted to make some definitive decisions on  these for anyone who is interested. Input is greatly appreciated, as  well! If you have interest in one of the species described below, please  comment or let me know!


closed_species_introduction__stelengel_b My most recent and most active CS! These are the species I am primarily working on now. Also seeking authorized designers.

Weather Nymphs: Inactive...?

No group affiliation


I have been considering revamping and re-releasing the Weather Nymphs,  potentially as a 'fantasy' counterpart to the Stelengel. Of course,  plant-oriented CS are hardly unique anymore...but I'm still fond of  their lore and overall aesthetics! If you're interested in them, please  let me know! Also seeking authorized designers.

Werescáth: Inactive  

halloween_werescath_auction__closed_by_vWhile  this species is not discontinued, I'm not actively creating new designs  at this time. I may be open to customs or trades. Also seeking  authorized designers.

Cadiva: Inactive

No group affiliation

_cs__vast_by_verfeuern_daal506-pre.pngWhile this species is not discontinued, I'm not actively creating new designs at this time. I may be open to customs or trades.

Jie: Discontinued

No group affiliation

jie_species_sheet_by_verfeuern_da84ixh-pUnfortunately,  my interest in this species and its aesthetic is gone, so this species  is officially discontinued. If you own a Jie, you are welcome to  maintain their lore, revamp them, or do whatever you'd like with them.  No future Jie will be created.

Súilo: Discontinued

No group affiliation

suilo__new_cs_by_verfeuern_da33o85-fullvI  don't know why I thought a  winged species was a good idea considering I  loathe drawing wings. Also, the concept of this species, while  something I still enjoy aspects of, feels antiquated and not all that  unique to me anymore. Unfortunately, that means no future Súilo will  be created. If you own one (I don't think I ever distributed many)  you're welcome to maintain their lore, revamp them, or do whatever you'd  like with them.

And that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If you are interested in purchasing the rights to one of the species I've discontinued, or are interested in designer  rights for any of them, feel free to send me a note (for purchasing  rights, there will be certain conditions). Cheers!

Holiday Wishlists! Show me yours!

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by verfeuern

Tis the season of giving and eggnog (or at least, we're getting  there....) so I thought it was a good time to type this up. I don't have as much time to  draw as I'd like, but I'd still like to at least try to do a couple nice  things for random people online. Pay it forward and all that. (cross posted on dA)

So link me to your holiday wishlists!  (Or regular wishlists are fine). No guarantees, of course, but I'll  take a look at links over the next few months and see what I can do here  or there. It can be things like art of OCs, custom designs, things  you'd like bought for you, etc. The only requirement is that it has to  be something that I can do as a surprise! (aka, I don't have to contact  you for info). So amazon wishlists should have addresses for things to  be sent to, art requests should include OC refs, etc. You know the  drill. You can add your link deadline for this until after  the holidays, so like...January 1st. Any time before then, feel free to  toss your journal links below!

And  just for the sake of equity, here is my wishlist. That said, I'm not  expecting anything and in no way is there any requirement to reciprocate  if I do something for you!

I'd always love art of any of my OCs! You can find characters I'm actively using/thinking about in the following tags:
 x x 

Designs: [premade]
I'm  very picky, so I'd ask that you not randomly buy/trade to get me a  design unless you know for a fact its one I want...I wouldn't want you  wasting the money on something I may not use! But if its something in my  favorites, here or on deviantart, its a pretty safe bet (especially faves on

Designs: [custom]
Once  again, I'm very picky, and I wouldn't want you wasting the time and  effort on something I may not end up unless I watch you  and/or have bought designs from you, this probably isn't a safe  bet...but you can see my faves once again for an idea on my  aesthetic...Generally speaking, my top tier interests are: Muscular/masculine males, horns, simple markings, tattoos, piercings, aliens, faceless (no eyes/nose but with a mouth), beards.

Amazon wishlist is here!

Have a great holiday season everyone! Bring on the lists