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request box

Posted 9 days, 10 hours ago by yaboisonne

if you have ideas/requests for HTML/CSS codes, drop 'em down below. if i use them to make something, you will get access to it (and you will be credited) :3c

code 4 premium

Posted 2 months, 13 days ago by yaboisonne

i'm offering any two codes from my shop for 3 month premium o7 


Posted 4 months, 19 days ago by yaboisonne

use code NY24 on checkout or this link to get 20% off for anything in my ko-fi store :3c (including that one adopt lawl)
it is valid until 8th of January !! :3c

happy holidays and ortodox christmas in advance :D

hiatus + promo

Posted 7 months, 22 days ago by yaboisonne

tldr mental health hiatus, i'll be back after my birthday (at the end of october)

in the meantime, my dear friend 8byte toyhouse needs help with funds for moving, so if you need a custom - go go go !

....this is who you're hurting!!


look at them. they're all fucked up now :(



Posted 8 months, 20 days ago by yaboisonne

copypasting from here: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/1439325.power-cut-if-i-dont-pay-outstanding-bills-help

i just got a letter in the mail saying that my power will be cut in a month if i don't pay the bill, which is 16,741RSD (around 156USD). i need any help that i can get so, here's what  i can do for you in exchange for money:

coding commissions - art commissions 
adoptables - emotes
carrd commissions
code editing commissions

if you cannot contribute with money, even just spreading the word helps. thank you in advance for your help OTL

(i also made a goal on ko-fi - here it is)

subscribe 2 my ko-fi !!!!!!

Posted 8 months, 22 days ago by yaboisonne

donators get like a bunch of codes for free. and higher tiers get a discount on all codes <3

https://ko-fi.com/Post/new-codes-AUGUST-H2H0OO3D3 <--- newest codes r available here..................... they Will become P2U in a month,.,

code edits !!

Posted 8 months, 26 days ago by yaboisonne

code edits !!

You have a code you like and you lack the time, technical knowledge, or energy to edit it?
I'm here to help!

I mainly work with my own HTML and CSS, but if you'd like me to edit someone else's code, I will contact them myself to get the permission before I start working on the edit !!

i can do...

minor HTML edits
removing and moving elements; adding decorative elements

starts at $5

major HTML edits
adding new elements (such as tabs), restructuring the code

starts at $10

minor CSS snippets
changing the scrollbars, adding fonts, creating animations, etc

starts at $5

bootstrap to custom colors and vice versa, adding accents

starts at $5

additional notes

  • Payment is in USD via PayPal invoice or through ko-fi.
  • All edits are for personal use only.
  • My general Terms of Service apply to the edits as well.
  • If you want me to edit a P2U code that is not mine, I will add the code's cost to the final price - most coders have a rule of "no redistribution", so we both will need to purchase our own copies.
  • Contact me via discord [sonneambedo] or DM my main profile for this type of commission.

customs pricing update! + raffle? myb??

Posted 8 months, 27 days ago by yaboisonne

would you like a custom code raffle? :0

3 Votes yes
1 Votes no
0 Votes i like clicking and not voting!! lemme see the results bro

new prices are:

minimal exclusive - starting price: $19 [examples:: rigor samsa rework , etterath , adventurer plate]
simple exclusive - starting price: $34 [examples:: warrior of light , windows , cyberNIGHT_]
complex exclusive - starting price: $64 [examples:: apparition , STARSHOWER , your love HTML]

you can see more here !!