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<- he was forced to read the disclaimers

thank you for stopping by my profile. for both my own and your own comfort, i'd like to get these out of the way before you can have a look around. a broader overview can be found here, but hopefully this can give you the gist of things as well. as an extra note, i will block liberally based upon my own comforts.

Please Do Not

  • draw ANY of my characters in NSFW scenarios- yes, even the adults.
  • interact if you are against the concept of LGBT, POC, and black characters, because apparently that's something.
  • draw my characters without proper credit. i appreciate all drawings beyond belief, but linking to my characters is highly encouraged when posting outside of toyhouse.
  • expanding upon the nsfw guideline; don't call any of my characters under 18 attractive, please. huge discomfort there.
  • be a jerk, really- simple as that i guess.

Content Warnings

  • heavy swearing- i swear like a sailor!
  • psychological themes
  • overall violence
  • additional warnings may be spoilered and marked as such within profiles.

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