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buzzly bandwagon

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i havea really bad migraine so thats all

it's year!

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icant think of a poll question

3 Votes stayed up until ass o clock for pst friends gang
0 Votes 'probably sick with something nasty'

i would've made this last night but i passed tf out after partying too hard in secondlife with friends. so. hi

so uhh new year means new month! and since last update i havent actually. done much oc wise due to combo of stress + other projects + wanting to take a break. but im hoping to do a bunch of oc stuff this year woooooo. like finishing emmy's story section like i said i would lawl. and also ............... new character bios oopsies

however i also said i would try dividing my focus between projects better so we'll see how it goes. in addition to pokeau stuff i got sims stuff and secondlife stuff so we'll see how well i can juggle

2021 was kind of a rough year because a certain bird website made me feel like shit abt what i was making to the point where i almost wanted to quit. so like, to people who've shown support to me and what i make (especially pokeau as thats what was super effected), thank you, it means more than i could describe.

anyways yeehaw ill try and do things

also per last bulletin my comms are still open but i still need to make a proper post


conveniently timed commission promo

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hi gamers

i am like 90% sure im getting screwed out of a very large commission and i kinda needed that money :p happy holidays to me!
edit: it is now 100% so i've officially lost $250 dollars. very cool

so i'm promoing comms again. did you get money for the holidays and want art? i'll eat it

EVERYTHING is open , including art, writing, models, pokemon stuff, everything.



i'll make a proper post later i just feel very anxious about this whole situation. feel free 2 dm if interested as always !

i also have lots of unsold adopts if you're into that. im willing to take customs for $30 !


also i know this is an informal post but if you could boost that'd be cool. or waiting until i make a more comprehensible one is cool too

oh god i forgot its a new month part 2

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how cold is it

3 Votes HELP
0 Votes southern hemisphere gang
3 Votes its kinda chilly
1 Votes its like 60f

hi gamers

i forget the passing of time is real but here we are woo

personal updates;

i got surgery and physically ive been feeling a lot better! so expect more things happening. might be a bit slow tho as i have a lot of backlog for the months i was so fatigued i couldnt do anything

anyways uhhhhhhhhhhhhh progress updatez

bam bam we got ruby and tiphanie now! and i love them. slowly working on giving everyone sprite edit icons!

nicole and bella have bio skeletons now as well

i have a lot of other stuff to do and its kind of a lofty goal but i wanna try finishing emmy's bio before the year ends. i think it'd be nice

ive also done a lot of work on the pokeau tumblr/website and aside from the previously announced hell sorter, it has a tropes page and faceless characters page now!

and to end this heres a reminder im still doing those pkmn comms bc theyre fun

the pokeau sorter of pain

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hi i have surgery tomorrow and i cant really focus YEEHAW

in the meantime i have constructed my own personal saw trap



pls let me kno ur results if u do it.. if you wanna

also in case youre curious


LF 1 year th premium in exchange for art

Posted 1 month, 25 days ago by zinnia

hey gamers its 5am

ive realized i miss my silly css but also i live in non-usd country p*ypal fee purgatory so uhhhhhhhhhhh. any takers

i can draw anything you think the $25 would be worth. or write if u want

no 3d models and nothing obviously ripping me off (i.e. a bunch of characters and super detailed bg)

happy 7th birthday, pokeau!

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pokeau 'main mains' battledome

0 Votes emmy
1 Votes lune
2 Votes basil
4 Votes why would they fight they should be friends :(

yes i know its 1am no i do not care. anyways

but! while pokeau doesnt really have an 'official' birthday, i've always considered the 21st of november to be the anniversary! which is to say;

waow its really been 7 whole ass years hasnt it?

even though my health is kind of. continually getting worse i'm still very glad its a thing i made and makes me happy especially going thru All This

im like 600 words into emmy's story section (which is. not as far in as it should be. its gonna be long this is why she was last) and hopefully will have it done by the end of the year????? then i can start my quest of upgrading everyone's bios to the endgame/postgame arcs :3c and also porting them over to tumblr which ive been putting off lawl

anyways thanks to people who've stuck with me and these weird pokemon people, no matter for however short or long \o/

asdfghjk girl help [comms/customs?]

Posted 2 months, 3 days ago by zinnia

life is beating the shit out of me rn this sucks man

so like. ignoring the fact that my body is trying to kill me i'm having trouble with my good buddy p*ypal. as in i no longer live in the united states or use usd. so i'm like 'ok' and do meticulous planning for money but what i didnt account for was fees

anyways pp took a fucking massive fee from an already large transaction and threw all that in the garbage so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. help

im not in immediate danger money wise but making up for what paypal ate for lunch would be nice

usual comms (art, writing, 3d) are open and retain their usd prices. i also am gonna start doing pokemon style comms for humans ($27) and pkmn trainer sprite semiedits ($7, the example is around 50% scratched)


i'd also be willing to do custom trainers / gijinkas in this style in a sort of 'package' that come with initial design doodle, sprite, and pkmnstyle fullbody for $50

while ill try to work as fast as possible, keep in mind i am very much also experiencing an ongoing medical emergency and timing could be unpredictable but i'll always keep updated

aaaaaand if you're feelin generous i still have my kofi 

(also pls dont worry if i have yet to pay for a comm from you, i have that accounted for)

hi gamers 

tw medical complications

on thursday i went to the ER 8D because of sudden very bad pain

i will not go into too much detail but something needs to be removed as quickly as possible and if it's allowed to stay for too long i am like, extremely fucked

so thats fun!

stuff i meant to do didnt get done bc of that (namely paypal stuff) so im gonna do that on monday.. ty for patience because boy things sure got wild

anyways im kind of freaking out about this (understandably) especially with how long i could be made to wait bc of how much pressure covid has put on the province's medical system. but i will try n remain positive! i just may not be online as much because it fucken Hurts and im like, in bed most of the day now lol


oras anniv and the honorary pokeau anniv is on the 21st! i know it's a bit of a lofty goal in my current state but i was gonna try finishing emmy's story section by them. the funky part is i was gonna write it up until the 'postgame' , aka after the endgame and all that garbage. i feel like i've plotted out pokeau's endgame (especially for emmy) enough that i can move the timeline forwards that much. i think.... its 2035? is the 'final' solidly plotted year of pokeau's timeline, the rest (postgame), is more open ended and doesn't operate on a rigid timeline

which means im redoing everyones bios again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. though some will be more heavily redone than others depending on how satisfied i am with their existing bio. character ages will be updated accordingly as i get to them! i'll also update to include a 'common age' and current age, bc while pearl is 25 in 2035 she's still very commonly portrayed as 15-16 and that's her 'primary' character. minor characters will probably have their bios stay the same except for those directly involved. aka skymom lol.

anyways yaaaaaa im excited but also. its gonna take a while lmao thanks for bearing with me

aaaaaaaa november

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how was halloween

5 Votes ok
0 Votes too dark :(

hi gamers

still have been doing. bad. physical health is in the dumpster (thank you chronic fatigue) which is dragging my mental health down with it. haven't been able to be very productive even tho i want to do things :(

only real update is i've been putting together a 'proper' pokeau website , and by proper i mean its just a tumblr blog with fancy pages. it's super incomplete but you can check it out here ; https://pokeau.tumblr.com/

i'll still crosspost stuff to th tho!

but yea not much 2 say. just been doing a lot of thinking about my ocs and not actually creating anything with them bc i kind of feel like a hastily reanimated corpse