Update : May 13

Posted 21 days, 2 hours ago by AmkiTakk

13.05.23 changelog :


- Updated my profile with a content warning (in the description, not as a popup), as well as a status section; it should be pretty self-explanatory once you see it.

- Added "18+" tabs to some characters, visible only to authorized users. Those tabs regroup information of an adult nature, as well as 18+ art. Not all concerned characters have had their tab added yet, it's a work in progress.

- As a rule of thumb, if a character has an 18+ page, then they're fair game to make adult fanworks of. If some sections are empty, then it means I haven't thought of it yet, and it's, once again, fair game to do whatever you want with it.

Corrupted Land

- New character sheet format : it is simpler and allows for easier editing. Most Corrupted Land characters in the "Earth" folder have been edited with the new format, save for the ones in the "Plains" subfolder (save Aelina) and "Quallan" subfolder. The others will be done later.

- New character : Valérja, the third member of the Clan of Sloth. No images yet.


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