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TRIGGER WARNING: this blacklist will touch on topics that may trigger some individuals. All of these topics will be will be ordered in level of severity. If the topic is light, the highlight will be marked like thisIf the topic contains minimum severity, the highlight will look like so.  If the topic includes triggering topics , it will be marked like this. If the topic includes extremely offensive or dangerous topics, it will be marked like this.


read here for more rules

all users who have attempted to scam, mislead or have committed other acts that I find dangerous or ill-intended are located here. I am also putting these here strictly because I do not want ANY of these people to interact with me, or my characters. I know that I can’t control who sends what character to who, but I would like these people to not be affiliated with me or my things whatsoever for my own safety.

if you have an issue with any of these users being blocked, unless youre aiming on attacking me or trying to get them to speak on your behalf, feel free to DM me on toyhouse.



(PERM) Zeitwaffen (DA

[Topic] : STRAIGHT UP ROMANTICIZES AND MAKES NAZI OCS, and romanticizes mental abuse. Extremely offensive individual. PLEASE do not click on the DA link if you are sensitive to stuff like this.

[Proof] : Everything can be found in this bulletin, and pretty much emedietly on their DA. If this gets taken down , I’ll link my own proof that’s a bit aged, but still shows their active TH account!


(Unknown) Wilby-Chan

(DONT REPORT, this is simply to keep track of their user id)

[Topic] : inserted a crash code in a comment section of a comment to enter raffle (last comment to stay at the top for 30 mins wins) purposely to try and win the character for themselves
[Proof] :

 Long story short, During this raffle comment to enter raffle where whoever’s comment stayed for 30 minutes at the top would win, this user attempted to crash the comments to test out if it’s possible to break toyhouse comments, it worked, and the entire comment section went down (for over 30 minutes), even though people asked them not to do it. We were unsure of who did it at first as we thought it was spam that broke it, but after we finally figured out it was actually them and another user (the other user apologized, so I won’t include them in here), Wilby proceeded to say that it wasn’t their fault, blaming it on the creator for not implementing any rules against hacking, and refusing to take any blame whatsoever (I unfortunately dotn have screenshots as this all took place on discord). After a minutes, almost an hour of arguing, Wilby agreed to tell everyone how they broke the comment section so we could fix it, but ONLY if their last comment on the raffle’s comments exceeded the 30 minute mark so they could win the character for themselves (their text was lost due to them being banned, so the people’s named censored are people just reacting to what they said)

They then finally revealed that they purpously put up the crash code to win, and then we banned them. After the comments were fixed by simply spamming the code away, Wilby proceeded to lie in the comments about “not doing anything at all” and continuing to comment false information about the situation, refusing to take any responsibility fo their actions. Still haven’t apologized to any of the participants nor the discord server to this day.



 (DONT REPORT, this is simply to keep track of their user ID)

(Beware Post

[Topic] : made a custom KKK oc for a friend of theirs. Apologized poorly.

[Proof] :

accepted to draw a custom oc (the owner marked in this image did NOT commission them, it was someone else) that was apart of the KKK for their friend whilst fully being aware of the horrible group two years ago (Mex was 15 at the time), and never brought it up until a callout post was made about them (evidence of discord convo between them can be found in Mex’s response). They have since apologized, but still refuses to acknowledge that they were in fact racist by ACCEPTING to draw something racist (comment, screenshot of comment), and said that they were too young to be aware of what they did wrong and wasn’t aware of the group, which was false considering in the discord convo, the commissioner told them that the group was bad. The current/last person that owned the offensive oc (Aka the one in the Archive) has since apologized sincerely for their actions and has removed the character from toyhouse (hence why an archive was linked instead of an actual link). The original Commisisoner/friend of Mex has completely dissapeared from most of their social medias, so there is no way of contacting them. If I could contact them theyd be in my blacklist too.

I’m glad Mex has donated to a BLM charity and has apologized, but I still want nothing to do with them because in my opinion, i feel like their response was only to defend them by repeatedly saying “I was a child , I wasnt aware!”, and “my actions have no excuses” whilst repeadetly using excuses not only in their response, but in replies as well to further try to defend themselves. If they truely took this situation seriously and was actually sorry, their response wouldnt be 3 paragraphs long, and they wouldn’t have tried to defend themselves every time someone called their actions racist. Though, youre free to have your own opinions on this matter, dotn let my opinion influence you.

(UNKNOWN) Marven

[Topic] : Personal experience. No longer leaving the reason here since i dotn want to harm their reputation.. 

[ Proof ] : dm me.



Ressource Masterlist 

Users who have engaged in terrible acts in my Ressource Masterlist. Like I said on it, no second chances. I might put you on here for a while and take you off after an undetermined amount of time. Hopefully no names have to be added here 


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