Puffairy Free MYO Event Closed

Posted 4 months, 18 days ago by YaminChann



✦ RULES: ✦ 

this event is completely free!

- this event starts at the time of posting and ends on December 13th. (yes myo will last a long time!!!)

- all slots are common, uncommon and legendary!!





To enter, share this to a bulletin, then comment this form below!  

♢ Username:

♢ Link to bulletin:



please refer to this bulletin for information on making your Puffairy! 

theres no time limit to make your MYO, but you must be added to the MYO tracker first.



send your design into the myo approval channel in the discord!

make sure to link proof of your slot with the design (screenshots dont count!)

don't post an unapproved puffairy! wait until approval.


thank you for your participation :3


♢ Username: jehannethistle

♢ Link to bulletin:https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/562280.puffairy-myo

SLOT #57


♢ Username: Uberviolet

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/560759.puffairy-myo-event-nm-

SLOT #56

SLOT #55

username: grely_the_something

bulletins(?: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/523492.free-myo-event-puffairy-d

SLOT #54

♢ Username: lowpolyheaven 

♢ Link to bulletin

SLOT #53

Username: Sonflower

Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/519503.puffairy-event-

SLOT #52

How to know my slots' rarity?

is written in the traits (common, uncommon and legendary)

♢ Username: vonikigai 

♢ Link to bulletin:


SLOT #47

Username: mochiryu

Link to Bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/501328.myo-nm-

SLOT #46

Username: roark

Link to Bulletin: roark on Toyhouse

SLOT #45

Username : m3ep

Link to bulletin : https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/500052.cute-free-myo-event-

Can I have 2 slots? ÓwÒ

SLOT #43

SLOT #44

♢ Username: Ablip

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/499136.puffairy-free-myo-event-

Could I have 3 slots if possible please? Tysm!

SLOT #40

SLOT #41

SLOT #42

♢ Username: Vixial

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/498392.-open-puffairy-free-myo-event

may i have two slots please? ty!

SLOT #38

SLOT #39

♢ Username: mochiryu

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/496206.myoo

SLOT #37

♢ Username: kalosiantoast

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/493253.myo-event-nm-

SLOT #36

SLOT #35

Is it okay to ask for 2 more slots?


SLOT #50

SLOT #51

SLOT #34

SLOT #33

♢ Username: SplatDragon

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/478815.puffairy 

SLOT #32

♢ Username: cuddles4u

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/476104.puffairy-myo-event-

I hope I did this right! May I have 3 slots please if possible? Thank you so much!

SLOT #29

SLOT #30

SLOT #31

♢ Username: Intrepidloves

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/469498.myo-event-

May I have 3 slots, please?

SLOT #26

SLOT #27

SLOT #28

SLOT #24

SLOT #25

SLOT #21

SLOT #22

SLOT #23

Yes you can

♢ Username: Daydreamerzzz

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/463911.free-myo-event

Can I have 2 slot 💦

SLOT #19

SLOT #20

Yes you can

♢ Username: VinnyStarboy

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/463228.puffairy-free-myo-event-open

SLOT #18

I would like to have 2 more slots thanks! <3

SLOT #24

SLOT #25

SLOT #17

♢ Username: Shineheart

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/462431.puffairy-free-myo-event-

May I have 3 slots please?

Yes, you can

SLOT #14

SLOT #15

SLOT #16

♢ Username: Parashy

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/462198.myo

SLOT #13

♢ Username: PocketSized
♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/460043.puffairy-myo-event
So we can make multiple characters with up to Legendary traits? (Just trying to understand why people are asking for more slots)

SLOT #12

Yes, you can


♢ Username: brb

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/457172.puffairy-event-

Can I grab 3 slots too? :)

SLOT #11


♢ Username: nyanbiinary

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/456047.puffairy-free-myo-event-

i'd love to grab two slots if possible!

SLOT #10

you can get as many slots as you want

♢ Username: S8nity

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/456040.puffairy-myo-event-

Could I grab 3 slots? I love them so much!!

SLOT #09

Yes you can

Username: computerdarling

bulletin: here

Can I have more than one slot? I’d love two

SLOT #08

Yes, you can

♢ Username: Kuramika

♢ Link to bulletin: MYO Bulletin

SLOT #07

SLOT #06

ty! I can add legendary traits onto mine, correct?

yes legendary, common and uncommon

cool, thanks!

can I snatch 2 more MYO spots if possible?


Hi! I'd claimed two other slots, what number slots are those? And could I claim one more slot?

SLOT #48

SLOT #49

SLOT #05

SLOT #04

common, uncommon and legendary you can choose

SLOT #03

User: King_Spacebar but KingSillySmilez will be making the MYO

Link: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/453796.puffairy-myo-event

SLOT #02

Hello!! :D I hope I did everything right ^^

♢ Username: KittKattea

♢ Link to bulletin: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/453800.puffairy-myo-event-

SLOT #01