Yoooo. You an InkMate owner? Peaking in my head in forever. <_< >_>

I'm developing a webtoon for InkMates starring my kiddos.

Do you want yours to be a cameo when I get around to it? If you do, fill out the form below!
No promises if I ever get around to making a webtoon or even getting our characters cameo'd. I just want to be able to have some background characters at my disposal. lol

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER YOUR INKMATE IF A) You don't want to give me artistic freedom to dress them up (don't worry, I'll keep them as close to their character as possible but I need some freedom!) and B) Are uncomfortable with the fact I am using them at my digression!

Setting of WebComic: Modern with a Twist of Fantasy, of course! There's discourse between InkMates and Humans. They live in a heavily populated place of InkMates mixed with Humans however my kiddos will journey to places that are heavily populated solely InkMates and/or Humans! I'm still churning the story out in my head and on paper but I will be in contact if I need any questioning about your InkMate.


  • Reference:
  • Name: (full name if possible)
  • Preferred Name: (a name they are preferably called my friends or strangers)
  • Occupation: (what would they do in an occupation, teacher? barista? etc.)
  • Interaction with InkMates: (they're fine? love them? hate them? etc.)
  • Interaction with Humans: (they're fine? love them? hate them? etc.)
  • Other: (any other small details you'd like me to know.)

Also, you guys want an InkMate discord so you can get a hold of me better or just chit-chat? :')



Okay first off: Yes to the Discord plz!

Second: Take em and just go nuts with them!

  • Reference: https://toyhou.se/647246.ji-min-hyun
  • Name: Ji-Min Hyun
  • Preferred Name: Ji-Min
  • Occupation: Sous Chef (Retired K-pop Singer)
  • Interaction with InkMates: Loves interaction with them
  • Interaction with Humans: Fine with that.
  • Other: 
    • Is Married to Gabriel Hyun-Noir, has a wedding band as an earring on his left earlobe (silver band with a large black and two small pruple gems)
    • His attire varries but commonly wears button ups and comfy-like pants with sneakers OR dress shoes
    • Personality is still under WIP but he usually is seen as being nice/caring  

  • Reference: https://toyhou.se/647248.gabriel-hyun-noir
  • Name: Gabriel Hyun-Noir
  • Preferred Name: Gabe to friends, otherwise Noir works as well
  • Occupation: Funeral/Cremation Planner 
  • Interaction with InkMates: Loves interaction with them
  • Interaction with Humans: Fine with that.
  • Other: 
    • Is Married to Ji-Min Noir, has a wedding band as an earring on his left earlobe (Silver band with dark teal gem)
    • The Attire on him atm is commonly what he wears during Funerals, his attire off duty commonly "matches" Ji-Min's attire except more Victorian-esque or gothic
    • Personality is still under WIP but is commonly seen as someone to cheer people up, even on a day that's supposed to be full of mourning; in other words adaptable but also tells a lot of puns/jokes depending on the atmosphere.
  • Reference: https://toyhou.se/786402.morgan-florence
  • Name: Morgan Florence
  • Preferred Name: Gabriel calls him Kitten (which he hates) but otherwise everyone else calls him Morgan
  • Occupation: High School Student/Street Magician
  • Interaction with InkMates: Neutral with them
  • Interaction with Humans: Dislikes but doesn't mind (tails usually twitch when nearby a human)
  • Other: 
    • asdfghj--Ineedtodrawthemintheiruniformonedaybecauseholyshite
    • Magic Tricks involve Cards mostly or some kind of item disappearing
    • Personality is still a WIP but is seen as Prideful, short-tempered, doesn't like to believe they're wrong constantly.

  • Reference: https://toyhou.se/1547500.raz#5569985
  • Name: zydra rizvan 
  • Preferred Name: raz
  • Occupation: dj / singer-song writer 
  • Interaction with InkMates: totally fine with others, although is known to be cold towards strangers 
  • Interaction with Humans: more ambivalent towards human. Unconsciously snaps back and is very abrasive 
  • Other: 100% grumpy sourpuss who does actually care (real deep down, somewhere)
  • Reference: https://toyhou.se/861830.-mariko#3145393
  • Name: Mariko Tsumami
  • Preferred Name: Miko (By girls) , Mariko (By boys)
  • Occupation: Mangaka (Yuri based ones so basically she likes dem ladies lol)
  • Interaction with InkMates: Loves Females, (Very Iffy about boys normally makes over exaggerated hissing noises at them its kinda funny)
  • Interaction with Humans: Same as with Inkmates tbh lol (Read Above)
  • Other: https://toyhou.se/861830.-mariko Her profile is here but a funny thing about her is she totes gets weird fantasys in her head and will derp about them when thinking about them some lead her to nosebleeds and shes all embarrassed about that. lol
         Also yaaaaay discord I think its a great idea :D

Reference: https://file.toyhou.se/images/2056519_YV4xsGYojgQpXBJ.png
Name: Jasper Zaveri
Preferred Name: Jasper or Jazz
Occupation: Student/Nurse in training
Interaction with InkMates: they're fine with Inkmates
Interaction with Humans: they're fine with humans
Other:  I don't have much to add, but if you wan to read more about him https://toyhou.se/574609.jasper-zaveri-

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