Hey! I remembered this was a thing after seeing sleepychow post their ping list bulletin and now I'm interested in knowing who you all want!

Feel free to ask about any of my characters, cause honestly you never know who you'll detach from in a few years! Post their name in this bulletin if you want me to ping you whenever I plan on selling/trading them.


Pings for these, please! :)

Brie, cobb, crow, binx, ellis, pog, ritz and leeny 💖🦭👍

Heyya! I'd love to be pinged if you ever plan on selling/trading this adorable fella~ thank you! :>


Hiya! I’d love to be on the pinglist for https://toyhou.se/2078865.guava

Hey there! I know we spoke already but I thought I’d ask to be put on Djon’s ping list here too please, to keep things organized for you! I am so sorry I didn’t realize you had one of these!  I would have just asked here initially. ;w; 

Would love to be pinged for Soap if you ever decide to sell!

Coincidentally, I have just listed up for sale!

I'm interested in...

That's a damn good list!

oh yeah i'd love to be pinged on Wander, Ricochet, and Doobie

Okay! I'll keep you in mind :)

Bayou, Matz, Ojo, and Wander! <3

Good list! I'll keep you in mind!

Alexi, Bambi, Cameron, Elliot, Ellis, Ewan, Fey, Lucza, Micah, October, Ritz, Sully, Walter....I have a type AHAHAHAH

<3 I have you top of my list for anyone in Ritz's family, haha Definitely will be reaching out if I ever sell them!

Hey Dani! I have tossed Lucza into my sale folder!

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Aww you got some goodies on this list! I'll definitely keep you in mind!

Hey! I just tossed Soap up into my sales folder!

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Great list! Thanks for posting!

Hey! I just tossed Oh into my sales folder!

Medusir if he ever leaves youuuu though I am perfectly content to admire from afar xD

Great to know!! Medusir would be such a fun character to see in your ownership! I shall keep this in mind!

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Oooo girl if you want Israel back, I'd give him back to you!! He was so good in your hands! <3

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Yeah if you want to buy him back from me I'd be 100% game!



these two please! especially reise <3

Great to know, thank you!!

oh man I have noo self-control
Brisbee, Briar, Rascal, Cuddles, Crow, Chen Steel and Wicker
you have such a good handful of babies, looking through is always so fun! XD

A very good list Kessler!! Let me think about Cuddles, because she's just sitting in retired right now and I've never touched her.

HEHE sounds good! ^v^

I tossed Cuddles into my sales folder!

I'm very interested in her and Cooper! And possibly Branch! Depending! Are you willing to do a payment plan starting January? :0

always citlali!

Haha I think I still have you for dibs from the last time! You're all squared away!