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Your art is so gorgeous and I love your characters!
Do you have anywhere else (like instagram etc) I could follow you on?

i love your artstyle, its so soft and the shading is so beautiful :0

Thank you so much!! <3

Miss you and hope you are doing well! <3

I miss you too!! We're doing well up here! Hope you are doing well :) Was just thinking about you maybe a few days ago and was hoping you were having a good day!

Aww dude you're sweet ;w; I was thinking about you recently also, I went back to read 100 Deeds the other day. x) Glad to hear y'all are well! I've been alright, hanging in there!

omg a relic from the past! But still a goodie - I should give it a re-read too! Happy to hear you're hanging in there! If you ever make it up to the east coast, I hope to see you and get to say hello again!

I would love that too, I'll let you know if I ever make it out that way again! <3

Hope you're too! <3

I like your art it is pretty cute

I was wondering if you have Instagram,, I have a sketch and it fits Parker really well so I thought I’d draw him on it! If so, would you mind telling me so I could tag you? :)

I do! It's @nyctoucan :) Thank you so much!

Hi! Just wondering what code you're using for this AMAZING folder look!! Your art and characters are all amazing!!

Yes hello this is dog

Oh my word your art is stunning! And your characters are just. I cannot. So much talent here. Keep up the absolutely stellar work!

Thank you so much!!

Aaa you’re so welcome

It's so good to see another toucan lover *o* Sol and Tango are stunning and I love all of your gryphon charactersss! Thank you for the fave on Oasis, otherwise I never would have found you~

Always happy to meet another Toucan lover! We'll have to get a picture of Oasis and Tango sometime!

I'm so glad Aztex has gone to a good home! It's not that I never liked him, I just never really connected. Reading what you've done with him makes him feel so alive it's incredible.

omg Clover pups!!!!!! I remember them and how badly I want one lol. They are gorgeous. I love almost everyone in your Species folder. Stunning charries.

i love your characterssss sooo much~ 

Thank you so much!!

I can't thank you enough for the code! It was much needed ^^

Thank you so much for the code! There was a giveaway on Furvilla and I'm so glad to be here!

Happy that you're on the site now! Welcome!

your profile is looking great! also, tomatoes are terrible. it is known.

Thank you so much for the code. <3 I'm having a bit of trouble navigating, but once I figure it all out I'm very excited to explore around here.

Hi! Thanks for giving me the code to join Toucat! Don't know how to repay you!!!

It's no problem! Have fun on!!

Thanks! :)

You have some of the cutest, sweetest looking characters!! I want to apologize for flooding your notifications by adding so many of them to my favorites!

Thank you so much!!

hey~ i love you!

You have the cutest characters. Every single one i look at my heart screams. <3

Aw, thank you so much!!!


Amazing characters and artwork!

Thank you!

hEY i love all your characters aaa

Thank you so much!!


AND EYYYY A Toucat! :D