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It's pikach- fUCK

In all seriousness though expect a dark type, ghost type and a psychic type pearl to appear soon~

Preclaims available at £15 on all three pearls~



Yo would it be alright if I join that discord server I think I saw you mention in some other bulletin previously? Wanna keep up with your work! (Apologies if I'm getting mixed up about the server

Of course! I'll dm you an invite


Could i preclaim the ghost type? i’m a sucker for ghost pokemon lol

Yeah sure!! That's the one above btw^^



For preclaima do u have to be like apart of smth to preclaim??

Nope! As long as you promise to pay when it's done you can preclaim whenever! It's usually reserved for my server but I wanna give my other followers a chance lol

👀 foaming at mouth LMAFO

How does preclaiming work for em so I know exactly? :0 before askin

Heads up I think this one just got nabbed lol

BUT preclaims are basically a hold on my designs before they're finished being drawn! So if i put out a WIP if it says preclaims available, someone can call dibs so when that one is finished it goes straight to that person rather than put up as usual. It's like a hold for when you see a design you really like and don't want to risk losing out if it gets put up for sale when you're asleep or at work.

Sometimes if its an emergency I'll ask for payment before the adopt is finished but usually you just pay when I'm done. 

AAA I saw soB  </3😭 can I preclaim the other two then? :00 

Yeah of course!! Would you want to know what pokemon they're based off or do you want a surprise?

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