Characters For Sale - New Added!

Posted 9 months, 13 days ago by Toucat

Hey all! I wanted to offer up some characters for USD prices or for Art. Check this folder out if you are in the market for some new dudes. Some have flat sale prices and some are for offer. If I've commissioned you before, I'm way more willing to accept art trades on characters over $100. Otherwise, I would prefer USD for those characters. (THIS IS A SIDE ACCOUNT)

A LOT of those characters come with additional art but I only upload custom art to my You can ask to see it and I'll message you a screenshot of all their art that I keep saved in dropbox.


Hiya! I'd love to give Docker a good home if he's still available

Thank you for the offer but Docker was traded to someone else and I forgot to mark him down as pending. Very sorry about that!

No worries, thanks for letting me know 👍

I'm so sorry to ask but would you consider art for this babie ?


Unfortunately, I'm trying to get USD for her as I'll be splitting her payment with my friend who gifted her to me originally. Sorry!