Toyhouse: accepting offers

Posted 3 months, 5 days ago by Cookiecat138

I'm in a financial rut at the moment so I'm considering offers on my entire toyhouse. There's a lot i wont be parting with but I unfortunately don't have the energy to sort through everything. Just pop what your interested in in the comments and I'll see what I can give up! Please note, any tagged with "Spicas" arent for sale as they belong to my partner <3 Please don't be offended if I reject an offer, it's not personal at all and I appreciate you trying to help out! 


So sorry lovely! I don't think i can part with these lot at this time <3 thank you though!

No worries!

I know, I wish I could've sorted it properly but my god its a mountain of a job! wish toyhouse had a drag and drop feature lol.

Unfortunately I can't give any of these babs up but thanks so much for your interest!!

No worries! You have a beautiful collection I wouldn't want to part with any of them if I were you!

lmao i don't blame you, I've managed to snag some STELLAR pearls!

There's a couple there I got for free so I can't sell them but out of the ones I can I'd be happy to part with these two - $5 - make an offer!

You haveee

If any of the characters on the list go ufo could I know? Esp the calcite rose bab

And OO ALR, would u possibly consider offers for the pearls fusion and the other counterpart of the fusion? If not I'll just buy the pearl :)

Yeah of course!! I'll pop you on her tag list

Also i dont think i could part with rose or their fusion sorry! 


And aw alr! Could I buy the pearl then?

And if possible could ya lmk if you'd ever part with em? :)

you can indeed!

and yup! want me to pop you on the tag list?

so is it just the pearl or both the pearl and mulberry garnet?

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I’ll take the first 2 would you do $10 for uncooked baby by chance

yeah sure! lemme dm you <3

Yay thank you