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Hey there!

I sure did! He was a custom design that I ordered from paintedpeaches a while back! I then traded him on chickensmoothie to them! He's worth a little more that $25 so you got a good deal!

Aaaa thank you for confirming ;0; and honestly they wanted less for him but I insisted paying at least $25✨ He’s gorgeous ! 

And aaaa I’m glad to know who designed him ;u; thank you a bunch again I’m so pumped to draw him ! 

Some fun facts! He's based off an ex and there's even old art of him and my sona! His name actually used to be Bradley.

This is his old sale folder!

You can definitely use the art with proper character/art credit! The purple dog is the old version of my sona Raven, the galaxy/space piece is an older one by me. The Zelda one is by DeadonArrival

Aaaa thank you so much ;0; ! ✨

I will definitely add this art to his folder with the proper credits for the art and crediting you for the ownership of the older version of your oc Raven as well since she’s in both pieces ;u; 

You’ve been super helpful and I hella appreciate it ^u^ 

No problem! Glad I can help out!