Character FAQ

Character Ownership & Designers

If you don't participate in adoptables or character trading at all, you shouldn't have to worry about this! Just mark yourself as the creator for all your characters and you shouldn't run into any problems.

If you do participate in adoptables or character trading: every character has an owner and a creator.

  • The owner is the person who currently owns the character. They can edit the character, upload images for the character, and post or comment using that character.
  • The creator is the person who owns the rights to the design. They can set rules on how the design may be traded or used, as well as restrict character transfers.
  • Designers (optional) are any additional persons who contributed to the character design.

In the vast majority of cases, the creator will be the person who originally created and designed the character.

For closed species MYOs or collaborative designs, the creator is whoever is allowed to change permissions for the character design (in most cases, this will be the closed species creator). The designer of an MYO or any collaborators in collaborative designs may then be added as designers.

The purpose behind this system is to prevent spoof or rip-off adoptables. All adoptables will be marked as un-verified until they are confirmed by their creator - you can still trade un-verified designs, but please be careful to make sure you're not buying a fake or copied design.

Character Design Rules

Creators can set characters to be untransferrable, regiftable, retradeable, or resellable:

  • Untransferrable: If this is selected, the design will not be able to be transferred unless it is done to or from the creator. This means that all character transfers will have to be done through the creator.
  • Regiftable: Regiftable designs can be transferred to new owners but should not be traded for other designs or any form of items or currency.
  • Retradeable: Retradeable designs can be traded for art, other designs, or services, but should not be traded for any form of goods or currency.
  • Resellable: Resellable items can be traded for any form of goods, service or currency.

In addition to this, creators can set terms of use on designs - this is a good place to add specific details or additional rules for trading, such as maximum resale price, what edits are allowed to be made to the design, etc. You can also make a set of global terms in your Character Settings which will be displayed on all designs that you have made.

Please note that these restrictions are only intended to be a notice and reminder to buyers and sellers of your designs. We can't really stop illicit transactions if people choose to break your rules, but we'll do our best to moderate user disputes if required.

Character Privacy

  • Public characters can be viewed by any user.
  • Protected characters can only be viewed by users you have authorized.
  • Private characters can only be viewed by you.

Character Folders

Users can create folders and organise characters into these folders. The main difference between character folders and tags is that characters can only be in one folder at a time.

Similarly to characters, folders can be public, protected or private. Note that this only unlists the folders from your user page - if you link a protected or private folder directly to a guest, they will still be able to view it.