World FAQ

What's a world? What can I use it for?

Worlds are communities that you can invite users and characters to. All worlds come with a forum that you can edit and moderate, which can be used for chatting or RP. 

Private worlds can only be viewed by members of the world and are invite-only. Public worlds are visible to all users and are open to join requests.

What does adding a character to a world do?

Characters must be submitted to the world by the character owner, and then approved by a moderator, administrator or founder to add it to the world. A character submitted to a world will show up in the world's character gallery, and can be used when posting on the world forums or comments.

If a private or protected character is submitted to a world, it will be visible in the world gallery even to members who are not on your authorized list. Other world members will not be able to view the character profile, just that they have been added to the world. 

What member types are there?

All world membership must be approved by a world moderator, administrator or founder. A person may be invited to join a world or they may request to join a world.

The following ranks are available:

  • Member: A regular member.
  • Moderator: Is able to moderate world comments and forums, post bulletins, and add characters or members.
  • Administrator: Can do the above, as well as edit the world's profile page and forum structure.
  • Founder: Can do the above, as well as destroy the world. This is always the original creator of the world.