Honest feedback & Pricing help

Posted 22 days, 15 hours ago (Edited 22 days, 15 hours ago) by ashwoodoff

Heya! Well, honestly, I am beginning to think that my art is... doesn't look appealing? I kinda like it (sometimes lol), but idk, I'm genuinely interested about what other people think about my art. 

I also have my prices and my best examples here. People don't really commission me, and at this moment it's not really a problem for me. I also don't want to change my style in order to sell better, because sometimes I really hate my drawings. Drawing as I want at least makes it more enjoyable. If I lose myself to make money, I'm afraid that I may just stop drawing at all... 

So, well, I'd really like to hear what do you think about my art, maybe some consructive critique, and also if my pricing is reasonable.

Please, excuse my mistakes, I don't speak English well and half of my knowlege comes from memes.


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Oh wow, your artwork is lovely! :0c I think it's very appealing! I especially enjoy this piece - your anatomy's on point while still retaining a distinct style, something that's super hard to do with humans! I think one thing you may be running into in terms of commissions difficulty is that there are a ton of people who commission artwork who don't have human(oid) OCs, and those that do often go for chibi or very colorful/"anime-y" styles- nothing wrong with that, but may be why you're running into a bare patch in the market. c: I would personally love to commission you someday though, your shading and painterly style are very nice! I'll pass along your thread to my husband as well; he may be able to give some more critique and such, since he's got much more experience drawing humans than I do! <3


^^ Like they said, you have such a gorgeous anatomy/style and your pricing is actually pretty cheap for how pretty your ex's look (I'll link my fave too, the frog idk why but it just KILLS me I love it). Also!! There aren't many people who can paint so pretty, so i'm big heart eyes for your style.
But yeah, usually people usually go for anime-esque or cartoony styles,  which can be a big problem for those who deviate from that but that isn't your fault at all tbh. It's good that you aren't willing to change your style because y'all your style is so pretty i'm rootin' for u.
I'm definitely gonna rack up some money to commission you this year if I can manage   


Jolly thank you so much for your opinion! I'm so glad that you like my drawings and I would be happy to work with you one day :D I agree with you that people often prefer "cute" styles, while some people told me that my style tend to be, um... a bit creepy? But it's hard for me to objectively evaluate my own drawing, first I was a victim of Dunning-Kruger effect (when you're too bad at something to understand that you're actually bad), and when I became better at drawing I've started to treat myself too harsh?.. And I don't have artists as friends, so there is nobody whom I can write at 2AM with something like "IS MY ART BAD???????" x)  

SpicyBoi thank you! <3 Well, some time ago I had that urge to change my art! So people would like me more! So I could get more subs! Well, that ended when drawing began to feel like forcing myself to do hard work with no payoff, heh. I've deleted my public page and now I sometimes post something just here and on my trash twitter. I hope, sometimes I'll get enough self-confidence to return to social media without getting that urge for appreciation. ILooking forward to working with you ;)