show me your favorite bugs!

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i think luna moths are super cool! they're really beautiful, i think they even put most butterflies to shame

elephant beetles are also really cool, they're shaped like a friend.


I LOOOOVE BEES, i love studying them and i love the way they work together and the concept of a queen bee 🐝 



i know basic bitch favorites but god do i love them



I have a soft spot for rosy maple moths because my first trans character was based on one :') they're good moths, brent




big beetles

fuzzy spiders



ok not technically bugs but hear me out
jumping spiders of (almost) all kinds (esp peacock jumpers) are my favourite animals! this one in particular is my #1 fave (being maratus personatus - here's a video of them! i love this man's videos of jumpers, they're lovely)





Japanese emperor caterpillar!



These guys. Small tortoiseshell butterflies. They're a bit rare in urbanized areas so it always cheers me up when I see one, especially as it signals to me that summer has come. When I was a kid I liked to chase them around (never to hurt them - I'd try to carefully catch them under my hat or my domed palms). I also caught some of the caterpillars (who feed on stinging nettles!) and fed them to adulthood in a transparent plastic bucket, at which point I let them go. 


Also ladybugs. There are other bugs that I like but they're the "locally available" ones.


After playing Hollow Knight I've had a newfound appreciation for bugs. So here's one of my favourites, blue carpenter bees! These little babies are blue!

Bees in general are adorable. You go pollinate, funky little round blob!


The hummingbird moth! I think they're absolutely adorable!



!!! I love bugs, bless this thread

In recent years I finally got to see fireflies in person, and they're??? magical??? Y'all who live where there's fireflies have no idea how lucky you are, and those who don't like me, they look just like they do in movies! They're so bright and beautiful, I hope everyone gets to see them sometime in their life


A bug I DO get where I live is this guy^, the ten line junebeetle. I usually find them on night walks, flying around the street lamps in my town. They make this SHH! sound when you poke them, and I feel bad that I find their defensive display cute but I can't help it lmao, they're good chunky bugs

Garden snails are shaped like friends, bees are wonderfully fluffy ladies, moths and butterflies are all so pretty! I just. love. bugs. I dont appreciate them inside my HOUSE but I love them nonetheless lmao

Also, I'm arachniphobic, have been for ages, but I'm really trying my best to conquer it, cos spiders are really cool! My faves are jumping spiders and tarantulas, especially the really fluffy tarantulas, like curlyhairs and redknees. we get these really pretty jumping spiders where I live, they're kind of big (for a jumping spider anyways, they're like dime size) and they look like this:


Note the pretty blue-green chelicerae! They're appropriately called the red-back jumping spider, and theyre very good. Jumping spiders look so inquisitive, I've always found it endearing to see them angle their bodies upward to look at me with their big anime eyes lol


The Atlas moth mimics a snake's head on the tips of its wings.