Suggestion: Don't let others delete your pics!

Posted 5 months, 24 days ago by Kaoru

I just found out that if you have characters that are both yours and a friend's tagged in an image and the other person decides to delete the tags (me and a friend had some duplicates), it deletes the image from your gallery also... I don't think other people should be able to untag OCs that aren't theirs? @[email protected];; Especially if they weren't the one who uploaded the picture!



i have/used to have images tagged with ocs belonging to people i have blocked and im always nervous theyre going to be petty and remove the images. some of the art i have uploaded is only on toyhouse so its very concerning (though im in the process of moving everything to google drive rn). luckily theyve been considerate to not do that and only remove their own characters from the images, but it would still be so easy for them to do so with images my ocs are still tagged in


YEAH someone could easily be vindictive like that or just NOT KNOW and delete them anyway like in our case! I didn't know that deleting the tag on my end would delete it from their gallery and vice versa, I thought it would just untag them on MY end... You can set different thumbnails on the same image in each person's gallery and it's still the same image, so maybe there could be a way to have separate tags per person or something, or just limit it to only be able to remove tags from your own characters...


i think the difference between the thumbnails + image proper is that the thumbnails are just crops of the full image itself, which toyhouse only stores once (or once + its watermarked version). each thumbnail has a different url even! i don't know how viable it would be to make the server pause and copy the image itself + all of its settings once a character was deleted off of it so that the new copy could be stored in the deleted character's gallery... plus maybe you're deleting the image bc someone didn't want their character tagged and now that character has another copy of the image anyways?? 

and you can't delete multi-tag images unless you delete all the characters off of it first (you have to delete all characters but one) so that would also be fixed if this was implemented, or else you'd have a ton of repeated images when you were actually just trying to delete the image!

this'd be a nice solution but idk if it's viable :?



I don't mind the image being "linked" in every gallery, I just think its scary that someone could delete your character from it! Like say IM the one who uploaded the image and I tag a friend in it... If our friendship went down hill later, they could delete MY character's tag because they don't want to associate with my ocs anymore (even if the oc is still in the picture), they would delete the image from MY gallery and not theirs... If someone wants to delete their OWN characters tags from an image bc they dont want the image anymore or whatever I'm totally fine with that, but being able to delete it for MY characters also is a bit scary..!

i don't know how toyhouse is coded though so I'm just throwing out ideas 9v9a


yes, i know! i was talking about group pictures, too.


Oh, I'm sorry for the confusion then! @[email protected];;;



These points may have been brought up by Pyatiugolnik, but since they have blocked me I don't know.

But characters are my characters. Other people should not be able to edit stuff like this without permission. Some images are very important to people even if the characters are owned by multiple people, the other person/people should not be able to delete the images. It's like if you were able to remove a single paragraph of information from the HTML, it's a part of the character and should not be editable by people that you have not allowed to do so.

In fact, I think this could go well in conjuction with the character co-ownership suggestion brought up a while back. (Can't find it right now...) I imagine that then characters that are co-owned could have the images be edited by both parties, because they also own the character. But if me and some rando have made an image and the rando then deletes the image from his gallery because he's gonna sell the character or whatever, I don't want it to be removed on my end, because it still includes my character in it. Having character co-ownership and/or giving people that are not in loco artist-is (i.e. the person who uploaded if credit is given to off site, or the person credited onsite) rights to edit the image would make sense.

Yeah, I think that's what I would like: an "in loco artist-is" role that the person in the role for the image can turn on or off other people editing the image, similarly to how people can edit what Authorized vs. Public users see when viewing the image.


I'm not sure if I support this, because I do want to bring up legitimate reasons for blocking somebody. If there is a seriously bad user and people want to distance themselves from them, or somebody commissioned artwork that they shouldn't have (nsfw or morally wrong, stuff like that) then I think an artist has the right to have that piece removed from all galleries it's in.

I might support this if there were a system put in place where artists can ask for an artwork to be removed from the site entirely, given evidence that they were tricked, but that can get artists in huge legal trouble if it's something like the other person commissioned nsfw and they're a minor. At least if the image gets deleted outright, then the person in the wrong can't do anything about it. (What're they gonna do, complain to the admins that their non-law-abiding/rude self got their rights to an art piece revoked by the artist who made it?)


FreeFallingUp13 I see where you're coming from! But at the same time, the person who uploaded it to toyhouse has to have saved it somewhere else in order TO upload it to toyhouse, so there's literally nothing stopping them from just reuploading in that case ;-; i could be confused (its very likely) but someone uploading art they shouldnt have into their own gallery is different from another user being able to delete your own character from an image your character is actually in or outright delete the image entirely! If the artist commissioned feels they got lied to (ive had this happen before) i definitely agree that there should be a way to request that the image be taken down if there isn't one already but i think that's a separate issue @[email protected];; I'm just talking about the tagging feature!


a hard +1 tbf.


Yes, that's exactly what I meant Lotor ! Thank you for explaining it better than I did ;;v;;//!!