✦ Sealkitty's Codes ✦ [20.Apr.21]

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{ Sealkitty's Codes }


Hey, I'm Nyx! AKA. Kitkat, kitty or seal. I'm a freelance artist and I like to code for fun.

I'm a hobbyist so I'm not very familiar with complex coding but I try my best.

Layout ideas and suggestions are welcome in the comments!


✦ 20 Apr 21 - [RedRum] small update to Dark version's stat bar bg .

✦ 17 Apr 21 - [Bubbly] added.

✦ 7 Apr 21 - [RedRum] added.

✦ 2 Mar 21 - [Sweet & Sour] added.

✦ 17 Feb 21 - V-day sale ended.

✦ 4 Feb 21 - [Connect] added.

✦ 20 Jan 21 - [All About Us] added.

Terms of Service

✦ Please do not remove credit.
✦ You may edit and frankenstein them (if the other coder/s allow it too).
✦ You may use my codes as reference but don't heavily reference or steal chunks of it.
✦ Do not steal, claim, redistribute or make profit from my codes. This also applies to edits.
✦ You are responsible for your own edits.
✦ No refunds for purchased codes.
✦ All layouts are intended for use on Toyhou.se. It probably won't work elsewhere.


✦ Always have WYSIWYG turned OFF and Code Editor turned ON when editing. Otherwise the code could break.
Please do not PM me asking to edit / fix codes for you. I'm not available for assistance but help is available in the forums and Coding Discord Server
✦ All codes are mobile-friendly. If there are bugs just let me know.
✦ You don't have to but if you can please fave or leave a comment if you use any of my codes. I'd love to see how others use them!
✦ If you enjoy my layouts please consider supporting me on Ko-fi

  • 20 Apr 2021 - [RedRum] Changed Dark version's Personality stat bar BG to dark grey. Using light colours as a main theme colour will show better for users using TH's default/pink theme.
  • 11 Apr 2021 - [TLDR Warning] Added CC version for Version 2.
  • 11 Apr 2021 - [Pastel Vibes] Profile text box can now scroll. Instructions for adding more profile info and using flat colour BG added.
  • 11 Apr 2021 - [Sweet & Sour] Fixed issue with profile's coloured textboxes expanding when there's lots of text on the right. It will now stay the same size.
  • 19 Dec 2020 - Added Dark version to [Unwrap].
  • 5 Sep 2020 - Updated text colour for Version 2 [TLDR Warning]. It was not readable when using the Pink theme.
  • 26 May 2020 - Version 2 added to [TLDR Warning].
  • 4 Apr 2020 - [Show Me Your ID] Annotations for customising with custom colours added.
  • 10 Mar 2020 - "Toggle" version added to [Fates]. All code variations have been debugged.
  • 18 Feb 2020 - New layout "Dear Diary (Char)" added to Valentine bundle.

{ F2U }

{ P2U }

Oh my god these are good! I'm gonna use Basic Fantasy later when I get more characters to add in the party area.


Rexcaliburr Thank you so much! I'd love to see them if you do use it ;u;


I'm in love with the KH layout and it is so perfect


YukiKitty eeee it looks so good. I love the aesthetics board! Thanks for using! ♡


I love your codes! can't wait to see more <3


Prisma thank you!! I have lots of code ideas planned and some currently in progress so you can expect to see more soon :D ♡


seal these are so good!! looking forward to more of your codes ;o; <3


reojin fhdkjahf thank you Reo!! I have a pile of codes WIPS up my sleeve. Feel free to send suggestions and ideas too if there's something you wanna see :'3

Callixtus Dorus Tummelt SilentSilverRose

; u ; used your basic fantasy one for my boy! Thank you so much! I seriously have fallen for your layouts


SilentSilverRose Looking good! And thank you! I'm really glad others enjoy using my layouts ; 7 ; )/


The BnHA cards are super useful! I'm using as a tab on the characters I have from the show! Thank you! Had to adapt some info to fit the villains but it was such a big help <3


belphekit aaaa you're very welcome and thank you for using! I'm really glad you found my code useful. If you have any feedback or suggestions don't hesitate to let me know! ; u ;

Valerie Rigel vibing-peaches

Used your simple thngs code here! Everything you make is super cool looking! Keep up the good work!


rose-water Looks great!! Thank you for sharing your profile and for the compliments! I'll def keep trying my best ^^ <3


Sealkitty it looks super great thus far, I think the only suggestions or feedback would be that I'm not entirely sure what the difference between the V1 and V2 are (I could've missed it though!) and perhaps expand to other types of character (like pro-heroes, villains and stuff) if you ever have the time since they have a few different information, though I think it's simple enough that isn't a requirement tbh, just something to pass time with? haha