Terms of Service

✦ Please do not remove credit.
✦ You may edit and frankenstein them (if the other coder/s allow it too).
✦ You may use my codes as reference but don't heavily reference or steal chunks of it.
✦ Do not steal, claim, redistribute or make profit from my codes. This also applies to edits.
✦ You are responsible for your own edits.
✦ No refunds for purchased codes.
✦ All layouts are intended for use on It probably won't work elsewhere.


✦ Always have WYSIWYG turned OFF and Code Editor turned ON when editing. Otherwise the code could break.
Please do not PM me asking to edit / fix codes for you. I'm not available for assistance but help is available in the forums and Coding Discord Server
✦ All codes are mobile-friendly. If there are bugs just let me know.
✦ You don't have to but if you can please fave or leave a comment if you use any of my codes. I'd love to see how others use them!
✦ If you enjoy my layouts please consider supporting me on Ko-fi
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