Free character profiles!

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I decided to make some HTML character profiles, and initially they started out as just things to keep me busy and things for me and my friends to use, but I thought maybe it would be nice to put them out for other people to use, so here I am! They're all compatible with WYSIWYG, by copying the code and pasting it in the interface provided by the source code button. And since they're HTML, you can use them regardless of your status as premium/regular user.

HTML 1 - Files


This one is a pretty simple code as it was the first one I made and I was simply testing my boundaries with certain bits of code. It has some of the same basic features as the next two, and can be styled somewhat similarly, despite the fact that the next two are a bit more complex graphics-wise.

You can find it here!

HTML 2 - 5 Years Of Salt


This code has a few more areas in the personality and 'basic info' areas! There's also a spot for a quote, a small aesthetic picture, and a picture of the character that's higher up than the other. I think this one is a bit smoother as well. You can change the color by changing the hex codes in the source code!

You can get the code here!

HTML 3 - I Want To Believe


My one of my best codes by far, I find it both the most aesthetically pleasing plus it has the most information areas! It has pretty much everything that 5 Years Of Salt does, in a smoother format, plus a bit more. You can change the backgrounds of the boxes by changing the URL of the images used in the source code!

You can get the code here!

HTML 4 - Harp Sound


This one, in my opinion, seems like sort of a hybrid of the first three, plus a spot for tropes (which can be found here) and quite a few more images than before (excluding the 9-box aesthetic in I Want To Believe) and is more personality-based than the others. It's also a bit cleaner in appearance in my opinion, everything is balanced better. Plus the sample quote is a pun. You can't beat that.

You can get the code here!

[NEW] HTML 5 - Pier


This is a code I worked on in my spare time during school, I'm really proud of this one! It has a bit of everything from all the prior codes except for the trading/worth info, but I think the gradient makes up for it. It's by far my best work at the moment in my opinion! It has space for some art and aesthetic images, and both social and physical stats and skills! There's also a spot for affiliations with organizations or countries your oc might have alongside the relationship table. 

You can get the code here!

[NEW] HTML 6 - A Noble Cause


I was a bit stuck on this one, I felt like I should add more but oh well. I hope you guys enjoy this one just as much as the others!

You can get the code here!

You don't have to tell me if you're gonna use these, but I'd like to see what you do with the codes if you use them.

- Works In Progress - 

A small section for the codes I'm in the middle of creating, usually should be up after a day or two! It's a nice way to check up on my work if you're that interested in seeing it.

HTML 7 - Two Sisters - A code themed after polarity/duality. I'm not sure about how I'm gonna go about it exactly.

HTML 8 - Cacti - Not sure what I'm doing with this one, honestly, I had no goal in mind. I'm just throwing things at the wall and seeing what works.

Another new HTML has been created! I hope you guys enjoy using the Pier layout!

GalaxyFlowers I'm probably going to use some of these~

porygonzz I hope you have fun using them, and thank you for using my codes!

gonne be using these ty <3

@conejita-azucar I hope you enjoy using them, I'm glad my templates will be put to good use!

galaxy Flowers quick question tho, for the harp sound layout, 4th box on the right: ive been trying to insert an image below the quote but no matter how i try to insert it it either doesnt appear or appears off the box. Any idea on how to fix that? heres the wip, basically the empty box with just the quote

@conejita-azucar When you make a new line, are you pressing shift and enter together? I used scroll boxes for the whole layout and for some reason it only makes a proper new line when shift and enter is pressed. I actually only learned that recently, so I'll probably include that in my original post to keep others form confusion too, thank you for pointing this out to me! (Also super sorry for the late response!)

gorgeous. commenting here to hoard ;^)

GalaxyFlowers aaaa no i havent though of that, ill try it right away

GalaxyFlowers nvmd nothing seems to be doing the trick ;;

@conejita-azucar can you link me the image you were going to use? I'd like to test it out on my own and see if I can figure out the problem/solution that way.

GalaxyFlowers, sure ill pm u!