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—— Never resell/redistribute.
—— Edit for your use only.
—— Not use WYSIWYG, follow this guide.
—— Seek permission before taking parts.
—— Accept Purple is the best colour.
—— Tell your pet it's loved and special.


19.01 —— Forum Post Updated.
18.01 —— World OO2 Released.


Customs start at $6, but rarely go over $10 each.
Current turnaround time is between 7 days to a month, depending on complexity and queue.


Latest Character
Created to work with other's CSS, this template works for all users, but the custom color is set to primary. Buying this as a free user won't ruin it, but the primary color will be determined by whatever theme you use on TH.

Latest User
Designed by Bakusatsu this template is best for those with little to say about themselves. The template itself is very bland and monochrome, but practical.

Latest World
This world theme will work anywhere, Worlds, Characters, User Profiles. But requires a decent amount of editing to make it look good. Not ideal for CS unless they're in-depth with story and events.


These are so stellar, once I get the motive I'm gonna use these om


Wicked It's always Halloween in this house. And everyone is a Halloweenie.