Post Your Unnamed Characters - Suggest Names!

Posted 10 months, 21 days ago (Edited 7 months, 24 days ago) by Fvhn

Post your unnamed characters, and suggest names for everyone else's! 

I'd love a name for this guy! He's friendly and supportive of the people he loves, but he's usually not up to any good and might try to convince you to break into an abandoned mall with him.

name needed, oomph

he sorta does----

Needing a name for this tiny cotton candy boy! I honestly have so many characters it's getting hard to find names for most of them;;;

SoundBabe Rob? His face kinda reminds me of Rob Benedict... 

anjelle Kido?

my naming skills are napping x.x

Just got this cutie and I had a name for her but totally forgot it?! Ugh 

Suggestions please <3

Fvhn hows about Frankie??

Also still need a name for this guy

Need a name for this babe ;;

No idea what to name this boi, help would be appreciated.

PaperTsubaki He actually really looks like a "Julian" or "Julius" not sure why.. But thats what I thought the moment I saw him c: He's really cute too! n.n

I need a name for this fella c: Still coming up with a bio and such.. So sorry he has nothing to really go for him ;-;

Edit: :O SILVER SOUNDS PERFECT!!! Thank you c: ! ;o; But oh man! I have wayyyy too many "S" characters ;o; I was about to put it in and then saw all my "S" characters ;o; NOOOOO lol


I think he looks like a Syrus, Sypher, Silver idk mostly edgy cool S names!!! Maybe even something like Ztar

I need help naming this bean


The first few names that came to mind for me would be Messier, Koil, and Rally

This boy needs a name

She needs a name ;w;

I kinda have a trend going on with two syllable names, so try to suggest those please ^^