Post Your Unnamed Characters - Suggest Names!

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago (Edited 2 years, 16 days ago) by Fvhn

Post your unnamed characters, and suggest names for everyone else's! 

Unnamed Valra

Come back to this trend again because I got a new OC I have wanted to get and I want some name suggestions for the dryo, just about any unisex male and female names and I won’t mind it at all if it’s a name of a canon character (or naming it after a canon character in some way) if the names is (or based off) from Kingdom Hearts The Arcana and Steven Universe or couple of fandoms I know of (I think Undertale or Delta Rune that’s about it I believe-) I need name-


I have two girls that gotta be named.

Here and here

I have nothing for the Horse Girl yet, but I've decided the Cow girl is v shy

soon lumephobia

I have some ideas for her character and backstory, but I'm clueless about a name... 

SwanMuffin27 Maybe Lilly, Mia or Molly for your shy cow girl? 

No Name yet ;_; MahiSenpai

She is my Miraculous OC, holder of the Red Panda Miraculous.
I dont wanna call her just Red Panda or Firefox... But I cant find a fitting name...
I think about it since WEEKS now. Help Q_Q


I've had her for quite a bit and I cannot think of a name for her. She's a timid yet resilient Honeypot Ant who strives to do more with her life than be food storage.