Post Your Unnamed Characters - Suggest Names!

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago (Edited 1 year, 7 months ago) by Fvhn

Post your unnamed characters, and suggest names for everyone else's! 

TBN Mercenary_Ike

lillyay4 I suggest Ravi, Aas or Eijaz!

Sorrel peachygem

I really can't think of one for this dude aha >.>


Mercenary_Ike Azul, Amanda, and Melissa come to mind.

peachygem Mint, Cilan, and Clover come to mind.

Hope I could help!

lil pals.... (mochiko!) paranormal-thingum

is..anyone up to naming three whole babies.


paranormal-thingum i don't really know, but i'd suggest names that rhyme or are kinda similar (an example would be dotty, spotty and lotty)


paranormal-thingum maybe like some names with a type of alliteration, but also fit with their colors? like berry (pink), cloudy (white), and leafy (green)? they all have the "y" alliteration at the end, and kinda reference their colors!

Sweets, Snow, and Spearmint could also work maybe for all their names starting with S? i'm not sure oof these are just some of my dumb ideas rip-

ooof heck could someone help me in naming this girl??? i already made a poll with some name options already but i was wondering if anyone had other cool name suggestions?