Which one vapes?

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This thread game is inspired by the podcast "My Brother my Brother and Me", in which the the hosts invented a game called "Which one Vapes?" The premise of the game is that you present two people, or characters and someone chooses which of the two they think would be more likely to vape.

So with this concept, I present to you: Which one Vapes? Toyhouse Edition

Playing is very simple: post links to two of your characters, and the next poster looks at their pages, and responds with which of the two would be more likely to vape (and optionally why). They then provide links to two of their characters, and so on.

Link to the episode this idea came from: http://www.maximumfun.org/my-brother-my-brother-and-me/mbmbam-321-which-one-vapes

Link to the website started by the hosts, in which you can play the game choosing between random sets of celebrities: https://whichonevap.es/


To start us off, which one vapes? Kemmy or Sylvie?


alright who vapes: Jett or Irene?

(i hope there are other MBMBAM fans on these forums lmao)

i 100% see that actually

Whiona uuuu i was gonna say Jett from appearance, but it's totally Irene she picked it up to stop smoking (strikes me as the type maybe) also there are totally other mbmbam fans here hi

which one vapes???: atticus or finn

its finn and you cant convince me otherwise

which one vapes, joji or damien?

its actually joji! did it for the aesthetic



I'd say damien! probs b/c of his rebellious nature.

Which one vapes: Nileryn or Amadeus? (Ignore the fact he's a ghost for this....he'd probably phase through the vape pen in a realistic scenario. Also ignore his absence of a mouth...he can Get one if he wants to)


jasey but only for the novelty of the technology/hundreds of different vape flavors you can get.

which one vapes: Fratelli or Matt?

While they both seem perfectly capable of vaping, I believe... Matt would be the one to do it, looking at their profiles he seems like he might be a little more concious of the things in normal cigarettes than Fratelli. 

Eiji (For this scroll down to his human section) and or Mason


i'm sorry

i need this thread to be alive again :'D

I notice it says Eiji does in his bio, I was gonna go with him anyway though, he just... seems like he'd enjoy it more? idk why haha

Now, guess which one of my boys vapes, Ryn or Crispin?

Ryn definitely.

Possibly an easy one: Mae or Kieron?

kieron. i can imagine one of his clients walking in on him making a vape tornado

eris or lucius?

honestly lmao lucius probably has a youtube channel called "x_vape tricks_x" with like 20 subscribers

Lucius, I just get this strong Vibe 

Njal or Vivian?

It's got to be Njal. I feel like he'd like some fun flavours -- whiskey and vanilla and whatnot -- and would have a good time combining them to make interesting combinations.

Finnegan or Jamie? (Lil' bit of eye trauma in Finnegan's link -- it's not gore or anything, it's just his regular face.)