BnHA OCs!!

Posted 4 months, 1 day ago by Kaoru

Been waiting to see a thread for this on here but I haven't seen any, so I figured I'd make one myself!

I've seen sooooo many creative Boku no Hero Academia OC's on twitter and I KNOW there has to be some on here too.  I saw some in the BnHA tag but I want to know more about them!!!
Tell me about your BnHA OCs if you have any!!  I'll get around to posting stuff about mine when I have time.  Maybe you'll find some friends for your student??  Who knows!!

If you'd like you can fill out this quick ref too!

Hero Name: (If you have one!)
Year: (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Course: (Hero Course, Support Course, etc etc)

Name: Saxen (Undecided on last name)

Hero name: None yet

Age: 17

Year: 3rd

Course: Hero course!

Quirk: The ability to change her the build of her body (Anything realistic really!) but it can make her sick/tired to the point of passing out if she holds a form for too long and needs lots of rest if she reaches the point of fainting. 

Name: Daisuke Satou

Hero Name: The Indicator

Age: 15

Year: 1st

Course: Hero Course

Quirk: Cursor

I have a lot of info about him in the images on his page ;v;