Show Me Your Elves!

Posted 3 months, 16 days ago by sunstrider

hi i'm a local elf enthusiast here to ask everyone to show me your elf characters. they can be from your DnD campaign or skyrim, WoW, dragon age, or just an original elf.

here is one of my boys, rayhourne. majority of my characters are elves.

now show me those pretty elves!!

an elf sorcerer who dances as a distraction for her phantom thief orc girlfriend (and girlfriend's brother) !!!

this is one of my elf kiddos!!!! i have a bunch i love elves so much... the bigger the ears the better...

this is the other one i have posted but i have a bunch of others !!

Here's my one and only elf lady! She's a wood elf healer/bard I made for an RP group on deviantart a while back ago! Like many of my RP darlings, I never got to do much with her ;u; (don't mind the pics in her profile ch ok es i keep forgetting to update those kajsofidjfs)

I haven't drawn her in color since I was in middle school or something, but here's Ladia~