Show Me Your Elves!

Posted 3 months, 16 days ago by sunstrider

hi i'm a local elf enthusiast here to ask everyone to show me your elf characters. they can be from your DnD campaign or skyrim, WoW, dragon age, or just an original elf.

here is one of my boys, rayhourne. majority of my characters are elves.

now show me those pretty elves!!

HERES MY ELF BOY..... he's the smol type of elf with big ol ears, not from any fandom. he's a wizard and adventurer <3

I have so many elves, Chilalei is my mute elf who was a former slave.

I also have Amalia and Setanta who are two mage siblings. 

Finally, I have Sumi who is a half elf, but the elves he is related to are similar to vampires.

I do have more but they are on private haha.

she's a dark elf,, no proper story yet :(

Angry stingy elf. 

Akio is my half-elf.

Kalista is my elf bartender. :3

Pink elf princess~

My adorable boy!

Younger pink elf princess~

And pink elf queen~ I swear not all my elves are pink. XD

i have my inquisitor lavellan and another dalish oc here !! 

Got a dark elf now. :D

My half elf man :D

And winged royal-knight elf who protects my pink elf royal family~ (if you mention wings are a weird trait for an elf, he'll probably tell you he gets that a lot XD)

Small magical elf who is also a tired inter-dimensional cab driver.