Show me your gay characters! <3

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All my male characters are either gay or bi...

I have no idea why >.< I wondered who else has gay characters? I would love to see them!

my friends consider Chronicle a Gay Lord

Out of all my ocs, I only have one that's straight. And even then he's not fully straight lmfao

ah lord

Most of my OC's are gay bi or pan with the current exception of Django. I'm pan myself and have a lot of LGBTQ friends so for me it's very normal to be surrounded by LGBTQ folk and that tends to reflect a lot in my work. :)

i have A LOT of gay characters, but i'll highlight my beloved mids here. she's kinda closeted due to her fame, but you wont see her gawking at anyone of the opposite gender like she does at girls.

Like 95% of my characters are queer as shit, but most aren't on here rn save for this pretty little thing! Candy's a trans lesbian through and through. The only other OC that I have (who's page feels like it's a mess even for a WIP) is Brenden who's demiromantic (gains romantic attraction over time) and heterosexual. He doesn't identify as queer, but he doesn't quite fall into the straight category either.

LOL! All my character are Bi-sexual, if not more, and some are taken, either opposite or same sex, if look through my folder. Thus, all are potential to be gay if there still single~  (Except one, or two, who can't for reason.)

Here my two gay couple both girls and boys:

Lydia & Nerida

Yun-Hee and Prism(Sort of together.. Maybe. This one was bit crack ship for me but ended up making together in end. So their taken in a way.)

//slams all those gays onto the table//

HERE U GO! Have fun~ (actually every character on my TH is gay lol) XD

-slides into thread-

My most notable gay character is Atiya, but Sindri & Caelan are also gay (if we're going for the strictly 'only attracted to the same gender' definition. If it's just as a substitute for the lgbt+ community that list is waaaaaay longer lmao)!

Dobby here is actually Bisexual, so even though he has a preference of gender sometimes he loves them all, even having multiple partners.

Although my feisty and shy Doberman is single and looking for others to build an relationship with (especially me cause I'm looking for an artship right now tbh, hit me up if interested)

I'm still working on his character though as he is still freshly new to my batch of kiddos ~

None of my characters aren't straight bc im not straight lMAO

:) <3